Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Now that I'm Pregnant, He Doesn't Care Anymore.

Good day ma, am 24 years old. I have been into a relationship for two years and am pregnant(two months), and he said he's not ready for marriage now, that I should carry the pregnancy but he doesn't care anymore.

Ma, I just found out that this guy is a womaniser. Right now am having suitors seeking for my hands in marriage, and my parents doesn't know that am pregnant.
Please ma, what should I do now?

Your mail is quite painful and pathetic, and I will continue to say that engaging in sexual intimacy when you are emotionally and mentally not prepared for the outcome of it is never in your best interest. 
Now that he has finished sucking your breast and thrusting your vagina, he really doesn't care because you are now pregnant. 
The first thing to do is let your mother know about your pregnancy. You can't continue to hide this sensitive information from her because she's the closest person who should be informed about this development. 
You will then need to inform his family with support from your family. Pregnancy is not a product of a lady alone, the man responsible has a huge role to play in the life of the baby. 
After informing them, please ensure that you register for antenatal care to enable the gynaecologist examine your pregnancy and the state of your health. 
You don't need to focus on your suitors when you have to deal with your pregnancy. I will suggest that you focus on giving the very best to your pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of your baby. 
Being in a relationship with a man for two years now means that both of you had plans together or that you are comfortable with his personality before you allowed him to enjoy the beauty of your body. 
Since you now realised that he's a womaniser, I will suggest that you don't get married to him as a result of your pregnancy but let your relationship with him be how to take care of his baby. 
If you noticed, you will realise that I never mentioned abortion as an option, it was deliberate and I must tell you that abortion is not an option to this. The risks associated with abortion, the consequences of abortion and the emotional and psychological challenges that comes with aborting your baby is worse than you can possibly imagine. 
Though you were not prepared for your pregnancy, I will encourage you to decide from today to prepare to be a great mother to your child. Choose to give life to that innocent baby whose destiny and vision lies in your decision today. Choose to stand for your child even if it means giving up on your own journey to take care of your child. Choose to stand for your child even if it means standing alone. 
It may not be rosy for you but one assurance I will give to you is that the eternal father of your baby will never abandon you with your pregnancy. 
Though it may look as though you lost your chances of getting married to one of your suitors, I believe that God will give you your own husband. 
Cheer up and be strong, you will definitely overcome this phase of your life, and someday have many reasons to thank God for keeping your baby.

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  1. I had a similar experience. Is not an an easy task, but hold unto God. The God that saw me through during the pregnancy will do it for you.


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