Thursday, August 18, 2016

Every Man Needs a Wholesome Woman to Complete Him

Hello Amara. You're doing an amazing job listening to and resolving so many issues.
Something I noticed in most of the posts sent in by women is that they seem to present the male folk as devilish.
I remember when I got married, my mood swings were so erratic. I depended so heavily on my husband for fulfillment and joy. I couldn't imagine life without him. As time passed this same husband began to have affairs and indulge in so many things which some of the ladies here always mention.

I felt like my life had come to an end. I became very bitter and an emotional wreck. I think I can say that I also became emotionally selfish. I never felt I needed to complement his dressing or little, seemingly insignificant things he did for me and around the house. I became so critical of him and didn't know that I was indirectly pushing him away from me.
All these while, I was working and rising in my career. One day, we had just come back from a trip that was supposed to be a pleasurable one. I needed to use his hotspot and asked him to leave his phone in the house. As I looked through, I came across a sex chat he had with a lady during our trip. He was actually rushing out to meet with her. I thought I would die. I felt so disappointed that I sent him all sorts of insults.
Amara, later that night, after all the quarreling, he told me that he no longer knows how to please me. He said he could touch the bitterness that still lingered in my soul whenever he came close to me. He felt I resented him for his late nights and he hangs out with his friends just to clear his head after so much stress at the office.
He told me that he always felt inadequate before me and because of that he feels unaccepted and criticized each moment he tries to spend time with me.
I slowly began to understand that my husband is not a perfect human being. He goes out there to be my hero everyday and is faced with so many challenges. I also realized that he's in need of so much encouragement and he looks up to me to be his greatest fan and cheerleader.
The day I started making my husband the king in my life was the day I started experiencing true marital joy. Though I know that there are many naughty things he does, I have come to understand that I am the one whose trust and respect he needs, no matter what. No man would like to be disrespected, especially by a woman he has chosen to love and trust. Sometimes, we need to allow our men to be men. I learned to exercise my faith in God for my husband. No matter what happens, he's one with me.
I would like to advise women to stop checking their husband's phones. Living and relating with your husband based on suspicion is already an invitation to bitterness. Women should look inwards and build themselves. God has put so much in us. The world longs for our touch and influence. The day we begin to see our potentials harness them, we'll realize that spending time worrying about what hubby does is a waste of time.
Every man needs a wholesome woman to complete him. The mistake we make most of the time is to think that this our husband is the one to give us all we need to be who we are. Women need to realize that our source comes from God. He alone is the One who understands us because we are His products. He wrote the manual.
Thanks for the patience you show, especially when responding to questions. God bless you.


  1. I can totally relate

  2. Yea,you are totally right, may God to give us the grace and patience to have a blissful homes

  3. Yea,you are totally right, may God to give us the grace and patience to have a blissful homes

  4. This is so so me .. I have learnt a lot.. Thank you so much .

  5. Nice advice,
    But about Not checking patners phone I. partially agree but sometimes suspicions alyz make patners snoop into phones like picking call in privacy,pass wording phones,having stange calls at odd hrs,.anyway.....

  6. I feel like embracing you for this piece.God bless all that concerns you.Even in my early Forties,I still feel like a baby sometimes(needs that affection).

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  8. You are right dear, nice one!

  9. A gbamed piece,... Its obvious that many readers on this platform enjoy sweet marriages, but rarely contribute... If I wasn't married before I started reading some pathetic stories on dis platform, I would av tot marriage was hell... Trust me every1, marriage is so so sweet,... But involved parties av to work on it continuously,... It requires proper tendering.. God bless our homes

  10. A wonderful piece, the best i've read in a looooong time.
    It's simply amazing,inspiring,fulfilling,educating,instructing and informing!


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