Wednesday, August 17, 2016

He Gave me Few Days to Get Rid of the Pregnancy or be Thrown Out.

Aunty Amara you are doing a good job, and God bless you....
Am at a serious cross road and I need help. Am a 25 years old woman, late last year I got into a relationship I never thought would ruin my life..

Today am five months pregnant, homeless, and carrying a fatherless child...
Aunty Amara am currently staying at a cousins place who has given me few days to get rid of the pregnancy or be thrown out ..
Aunty Ami, am confused.

Your child is not fatherless but your partner illegitimate or irresponsible because he has failed or refused to take the responsibility for the romantic night that gave birth to this beautiful pregnancy.
If not, I won't have received this mail, nor will you be homeless or consider abortion.
I know that it's a difficult experience or moment for you, painfully I won't encourage abortion because it's a crime against humanity, and you may end up terminating your life.
Abortion has the potential to destroy your womb and fallopian tube, it also increases your chances of having breast cancer.
So please don't consider abortion as an option because you may end up losing more than what you thought you wanted to save.
I will rather suggest that you involve your mother and his family in this, so that they will know what you are going through at this point in your life. No matter how painful and bitter they may feel, they will never reject you or forsake you.
Let your cousin know that what you need is not abortion but care and protection so that you can prepare for the arrival of your baby.
There is no need to hide or pretend not to be pregnant and you don't need to condemn yourself when God hasn't condemned you. You will definitely overcome this phase of your life and journey if you hold onto God and decide to give life to your precious, innocent and priceless baby in your womb.

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