Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Partner is not Completely Honest with Me.

Good day Aunty, am into a relationship that I think I want out. The guy am currently dating though he is nice but he is not completely honest.
Before we started dating, I told him I do not go out with guys that drink, he told me he doesn't drink only takes red wine. Then we started dating,
for some time now I noticed that he's been drinking alcoholic wine though it was behind me before, then he came to see me at my sister's place and he was drinking like no man's business there, even though it was offered to him, can't he say no or just take a sip.
When I confronted him, he said it was stress due to work and needed to relax. Another thing is that he's not the kind of person that is contented, he is ambitious for higher level and that makes him moody sometimes to the extent of shutting me out(not talking to me).
He compares himself with his mates a lot and thinks he has not achieved anything. This is somebody that's works with *** bank, stays in a rented apartment but has a land that he bought. Please what should I do. I have another suitor already disturbing me. Thank you ma.

The most sensitive issue you are dealing with is a man who drinks and at the same time is more conscious to acquire wealth than investing in his relationship.
Though there's nothing wrong with having a great ambition, it maybe challenging if his desire for ambition supersedes his commitment to the relationship.
Again, no man who drinks will ever admit to be a drunkard, so there's no need for you to expect him to be completely honest with his weaknesses and shortcomings. Since you have seen the manifestos of his drinking habit, it's left for you to decide if you can cope with his drinking habit and personality or not.
Remember that drinking comes with physical abuse, late nights, infidelity and carelessness, and as you already know that drinking isn't a taboo to him.
So weigh your options and consider the consequences of getting married to a man who drinks and is over ambitious so that you don't regret your decision some time in the future.
If you are not comfortable with his personality and attributes, kindly terminate the relationship so that you can consider other suitors and go for the one who have the virtues and personality that you desire in your partner.

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