Tuesday, August 16, 2016

He's Fond of Touching His Son's Scrotum.

Good day ma and my fellow AVL. Please Aunty I really need your advice on this issue that is disturbing me.
Aunty Amy is it good for a man to be touching his two years old
son's penis, mostly the scrotum? My husband is fond of doing that and I have warned him several times and the only thing he said was that "am I calling him homo" and still have not stopped the act. Please ma I need your advice, how do I handle this.

That's bizarre and absurd really and it's not healthy for him to be touching the scrotum of his own son, it's actually not a toy but a very sensitive system.
He can touch his own as he feels like and leave your son to grow and develop at his own pace.
Maybe you should always wear him napkins or pampers so that you can protect your son from this terrible attitude.
And try your best to keep your eyes on him and whenever you notice such an act from your husband, please take your son from him.
It must be noted that his body is tender and still developing, and anything your husband does to him now will form part of his own psychology, emotions and perception of his body.
It is an abuse and you must stand your ground against it to avoid hearing some stupid stories in the future.


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