Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Husband and I Have been Crying Like a Baby.

Good day Aunty Amara, I have written you before. Please I need someone to talk to right now. I later conceived in January this year but had a stillbirth at 32 weeks that is last week.

Since this incident, I have been in depression, people have been coming, talking with so many suggestions that I don't know which one to follow. Aunty pray for me.
My husband and I have been crying and lamenting like a baby that we don't know who to talk to. We sowed a lot of seed concerning this baby, yet I don't know why it was like this. I only need a word from God to encourage me back because so many things is coming to my head.
My husband's people is not helping matters again. Which church do I start again. I can't behold people again. Am so ashamed of myself. Aunty help me.

When Hannah couldn't bear the pains, the shame and the mockery from her co-wife, she ran to God and chose to soak herself in tears before the one who made her a woman. 
When Job lost everything he laboured for and everything that was dear to him, he looked up to God and said 
" For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth" Job 19 vs 25 
Truly, no word can describe the pains of such a loss, nothing can soothe the heart of a broken, and the hurting woman who have prayerfully and patiently watched her baby grow in her womb with hope that someday she will carry her baby with her own hands and kiss him endlessly. 
I don't have the best words to encourage your heart with but like Job said, I know that your redeemer lives. 
Though your baby came out dead, I know that your redeemer lives. 
Though the devil struck and took this precious soul away from your marriage, I know that your redeemer lives. 
Though nothing else makes sense to you and your husband, I know that your redeemer lives. 
Though your hope and confidence may have been crushed, I know that your redeemer lives. 
The doctors may have reasons for what happened, but I know that your redeemer lives. 
Your in-laws may blame you, mock you and embarrass you but I know that your redeemer lives. 
I am not going to tell you any word of my own but I am standing on the word of God that is eternal, the word of God that is reliable, the word of God that became flesh, the word of God that is everlasting, and the word of God that will never fail to speak to your womb and your body, no dead body shall come out of your vagina in the mighty name of Jesus amen. 
We do not serve a God who decrees a thing and it doesn't come to pass, NEVER! 
We don't serve a God who is unfaithful, no, not at all. 
But we serve the Sovereign, the Almighty, the Ancient of days, the Creator, and the owner of the whole universe. 
Today, I am decreeing that you shall not cast your young again in Jesus name Amen. 
Your body is the temple of the most High God, how come is the devil messing around with a divine project? This is the last and the very end of such event, and any principalities, powers, any manipulations or forces of darkness hovering over your marriage, your home, your body and your family, today I decree that they shall all be crushed and destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus amen. 
By this time next year, you shall write me to celebrate God's faithfulness in your life with your smiling baby in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
Satan is defeated long time ago and he shall have no dominion over your life and marriage in Jesus name Amen. 
Please I will encourage you and your husband to work closely with each other, spend the next thirty two days praising God for everything. 
Don't border listening to the analysis or the excuses or the mockery or the opinions of anyone but praise God for thirty two days without asking for anything else. 
Let's allow God to perfect that which he has already promised to you and your husband. 
Work with the medical professionals for advise and counselling on all you need to do. They're in the best position to advise you on all you need to know about your body.
We won't give the devil the room to make us doubt God's faithfulness in our life. Never! 
It is well with you and your family in Jesus name Amen. 


  1. Amen. Dear, it is well in the name that is above all names Jesus Christ

  2. We share in your pain and we know GOD is with you even in this time of trouble, cheer up please cause your testimony is just around the corner, it is well with you and your household.

  3. May God console you and grant you the desire of your heart. Amen

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  6. is well, u will never burie your child again in Jesus name Amen . weep no more and cast ur care's to him for he careth, The joy of the lord is ur strength

    1. I feel Aunt Amy is praying for me too here. My Redeemer liveth. Take heart Nne. It is not finished until God says so.


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