Monday, August 8, 2016

He's Keeping Malice and I'm not Ready to Apologise.

Good afternoon Avl, thank you for your good work, please help with your kind hearted advise because am so angry right now. Was I wrong to have reacted to a pastor entering my parlour
with his shoes and there was a lot of sand when he left?
Aunty I didn't react in his present but when he left, I only told my husband that I didn't like what the pastor did wearing shoe into the house.
Our parlour is well tiled and neat neither am I a dirty woman. He is keeping malice for two days now and am not ready to apologise.

Oh well, please apologise and don't allow any pastor to make you lose your husband. Some individuals worship the pastor in such a manner that even when they do what is not right, they will rather offend their families than to listen to the opinions of their partner.
You cannot continue this way and you don't need to force your opinion on him because he may feel that you don't 'respect' the 'man of God'. 
Sincerely this drama is not necessary, but then again it's also a way of understanding your partner and respecting the things that he values so much.
You were not wrong to express your thoughts with him but since he's not comfortable with it, in the interest of your marriage and peace of mind, I will suggest that you avoid expressing some sensitive thoughts with him. 

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