Monday, August 8, 2016

My Heart isn't in Marriage Now.

Good evening ma, I am seriously down right now... I am 21 years old .... Due to my family's circumstance am entering school this year, the truth is there's one man that said he wants to marry me ...

But seriously am just getting to know him and I don't love him.... But the problem is he wants to marry soon.... Like now... I made him understand that I can't combine the both together.....
My mum doesn't want to hear me say no... My pastor said it's powers from my father's house that is fighting against me ....
Please ma I need your advice... My heart isn't in marriage now.. Thank you.

Let everyone involved know that your heart is not in marriage now and please do not allow anyone to push you into getting married when you are not emotionally and mentally prepared for marriage.
Remember that this is not about what your mother want for you, or what your pastor think is responsible.
This is about your journey, your marriage, your future and your destiny. Irrespective of his good intentions and purpose for loving you, please request for at least six months to two years so that you focus on your studies and also get to understand what you need and what you want in marriage.
You need this opportunity to seek the face of God, understand the word of God, prepare yourself for the responsibilities and duties of a wife in her home and examine his personality to know if he's truly what you desire in your husband.
True love can wait, and anyone who pushes you into doing otherwise will only set you up for frustrations and regrets in your marriage.

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