Saturday, August 13, 2016

How Do I Get my Properties from Him?

Aunty Amara, please I need your help concerning my issue, I have read most of your articles and I think you are in a better position to help me. My story is very long but I will cut it short as I can.
I have been married for the past two years with no child, this is as a result of the infertility problem detected in my hubby but the doctors said there is hope if he goes for proper treatment.
At first, my hubby hide the information from me until the day I came across the lab result ie after one year of our marriage, then after the discovery he later opened up to me. But it still did not change the fact that my hubby refused going for treatment.
He drinks, keeps late night and sometimes does not return home for weeks, he smokes( both cigarette and Indian hemp). My hubby is a womanizer that he even brings them home while am away for work, all I see is used condoms when I return from work.
He hardly brings money for upkeep, he beats me at any slightest thing, he is hot tempered, I have complained to his people but no change instead they support him and tell me that am a woman that I should go and build my home.
My hubby is the jealous type and very possessive that he does not want to see anybody around me even family members. My marriage to him is like a prison yard, I provide virtually everything we need in the house cos I work.
When I complain his reply is always ---"I married you because you are a working class lady so stop complaining", the last thing that he did to me that made me to take a decision is this. I had an accident and broke my legs, I was hospitalized, though he took me to the hospital but he did not contribute a dime both hospital bills, feeding and all that. My family took care of everything.
When I was discharged from the hospital, he said I shouldn't come to his house until am perfectly alright. Now I am okay though still walking with the aid of walking stick, he wants me back. I told my people I am no longer interested in the marriage, we have called so many family meetings and after hearing from both parties, everybody blamed him for his act. Now I want my clothes, properties but he refused, saying is either I come back to the house or I am not getting any of my things and his family is supporting him on that decision. Please this is were you come in, I need your advice on how to go about it in order to get my things. Everything I have in this world is in that house. I forgot to tell my age, I am 30 and he is 45.

I will suggest that you report him back to your family so that they will send someone from your family who will go with you and pack all your properties, preferably a man.
In an event where he still refuses to allow you get your properties, you may need to engage the police or the welfare so that they will compel him to release your properties to you.
You don't need to stay in a place where your heart is not at peace. So don't allow him to coerce you into staying back with him.

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