Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Dad is Against Conducting Traditional and White Wedding on the Same Day.

Good morning ma, thanks for all your wonderful work you are doing in people's life and I pray God will bless you....
Please ma I need an urgent reply. Please ma I did my introduction last week and preparing to do my white and traditional wedding the same day, but the problem now is that my dad is saying he can't go to the guy's village for white
wedding in the morning and traditional in the evening, which he is complaining it's the distance and security purpose, while my guy on the other hand is saying he can't do both white and traditional on a separate date which he is also considering cost of spending.
Please ma I don't know what to do cos the whole issue is making me feel confused.
Note: Ma that the distance is just ten minutes.
I also tried explaining to my guy to consider my dad's idea but he refused saying it can't be possible and my dad said he won't partake if my guy refuse to change his mind.....
Please ma help me cos everything is turning upside down.

Let's start by explaining the right procedure for your marriage.
Traditional wedding is the first, the basic and the most important wedding that a lady who wish to get married must fulfill before any other kind of wedding or ceremony.
This is when your father and family accepts the suitor, and your bride prize is paid before the family blesses your marriage and present you to their community and the world as man and wife. 
This is the only thing that gives you the legitimate right to be accountable and answerable to your husband. Anything else is not acceptable. 
Though some individuals go for white wedding before traditional wedding, the right sequence ought to be traditional wedding before the white wedding. 
Now coming to your challenge, since your partner haven't paid your bride prize, it automatically means that you are not answerable to him but to your father, and his position on this comes first before anyone else, even if your partner is living in the same house with your father. 
So let your partner understand that he must work with your father if he really wish to get married to you, else he can go somewhere else. 
He must learn to respect your father and family so that you don't get to his family and then he will do anything that he feels like. 
If your father said that he won't encourage you to go for white wedding before traditional wedding, let him schedule it on different days, so that he can accommodate everyone. 
I know that you may not be comfortable with my opinion but that is the true position concerning your wedding procedure.

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  1. Talking from experience, I will advice u follow ur parent procedure no matter how incontinent it seems,ur husband to be can't dictate for ur parent.this. Will make u gain respect and can make you threaten ur hubby if he try to fuckup with ur parent.
    This sometimes happen in wedding preparation but at last both family will still compromise, ur man will still understand


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