Saturday, August 13, 2016

How Do I Tell him that I Want to Quit Marriage?

Hello ma'am, here is my problem, I have been married for seven years but I do not love my husband from day one till now. My family pushed me into this marriage telling me soon he may die because he's 70 years old and I met him in Lagos Nigeria when I came to visit my aunt then.

He's white and I don't like white men, am from Nigeria Igbo land and I like our people.
My marriage produced two kids, a boy and a girl. I have two men seeking for my hands in marriage and I don't know how to tell my oyibo man I want to go with his kids.
Another issue here is this, we don't make love for at least three to six months which he doesn't even care how I feel or not.
Ma'am please I need help here how to go about this by telling him I want to go and my heart belong somewhere else now.

When a 38 years old lady says that her parents pushed her into getting married to a man, I sincerely don't believe that. 
I feel that greed and your selfish interest to travel to America and perhaps acquire his wealth is what lured you into getting married to him. 
To start with, a seventy years old man won't have the same sex drive as a twenty five years old man, so there's no way he will make love to you on a daily basis. 
Since you have gotten all you wanted, maybe you should first find out what's your marriage terms and conditions before considering divorce. 
The reason is because you just can't take your children and expect your husband not to react or take legal action against your move. So you need to understand the position of the law with respect to your children, your marriage and your possessions before approaching the law court. 
Since you already have suitors while you're married, I hope and pray that you don't regret this decision you're about to take in your marriage. 


  1. So it after. 7 years of marriage that when you. Realised that you do or never love. Ur husband and yet u. Had 2 beautiful kids for him.
    So you believe that those black suitors you have now are the one that love u with your 2kids and willing to carry ur burden with you.

  2. Black suitors who want to use you and become American citizens, just like you used the white man! Tit for tat!

  3. Please don't leave your husband. Ask God to help you love him. Has he been married before?


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