Friday, August 19, 2016

How Will He Deal with the Wedding Expenses or Should I Leave Him?

Hello good morning my darling mom. Please help your baby out here. My man just proposed to me yesterday to marry him and I love him so much and I have been praying to God for someone like him.

Ma this guy does not have money but he have a job and stay in one room. What I have been thinking is how can he be able to deal with the wedding expenses or should I leave him, please help me.

He doesn't have so much money, but he has a little that can cater for his needs and maybe yours too, that's responsibility.
He may be living in one room today, but he has a job, that's prospect.
He has started something good and positive, and he believes that the future is better, and that things will not remain this way, that's vision.
What you need is not a man who has all the money to satisfy your needs but a man who has the vision, prospects, and a man who is responsible and mentally mature for marriage.
The real question ought to be, ma please how will I support him and help him achieve his vision for the relationship so that both of you can enjoy your marriage.
You have to realise that you have a role to play towards ensuring that both of you are happy together and have the basic things of life.
Since you love him and desire a man like him in your life, I will suggest that you look inwards and ask yourself what your love can do to support, to encourage, to assist, and to strengthen your relationship so that the responsibilities and the challenges of life doesn't become overbearing on him alone.
If you want a celebrity wedding, you can sponsor it by yourself or your family, but if you hope to be married to the man who you love and cherish, please go for the simplest wedding ceremony. 
I will explain, go to your family, find out all the traditional wedding requirements, your partner will come with five of his family members, and fulfill all that your community requires, and then pay your bride prize. 
On a Sunday morning, you, your husband and perhaps your relatives will go to the altar and exchange your marital vows and then receive your wedding certificate. You are married and you don't necessarily need to go for reception if you don't have the financial capacity. 
If you feel that this is too local for your social status, please ensure that you work hard and raise the funds that you need to feed the world, and please don't forget to keep some for your daily needs. 
You have to work with your partner and think of ways to minimise his expenses so that he won't be choked up after wedding. Not everyone is worth a million and we shouldn't discourage them because they don't have the kind of money that will make everyone to snap your wedding reception and upload it on the social media. 
So you need to work with what you have and trust God for increase.


  1. Well I don't think you should marry that young man cos you don't appreciate him enough to grow with him. If not,his limited financial capacity shouldn't be a source of worry to you. If you are not ready to take him the way he is,please don't marry him and after now,start frustrating him. Life is not all about what you can get but what you can give you. Opt for a quiet wedding cos the only person you need to impress is you.thanks

  2. Dear poster,you are not a burden to be carried,neither are you a problem to be solved. Finances in marriage,is a MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Home-making,is also a mutual responsibility. Marriage is TEAMWORK. Some of the things you should be looking out for,is Wisdom, Character, Values, Beliefs, Diligence, Financial Prudence/Intelligence, Sense of Responsibility & Accountability, Purposefulness, Vision, etc. - those are where the future is. And,if he is the right kind of man,and you are the wrong kind of woman,your marriage will be wrong. Go and work more on yourselves. GO AND LEARN!

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