Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Love Him but Scared of Getting Married to Him.

Aunty thanks for being a blessing to us all.... Please I seriously need your advice because I'm in pain.
I met this guy on Facebook, we became friends online after which when I travelled to Lagos we met and got to know each other better. We are four months plus in the relationship..
Aunty I love this man so much but his
over jealousy is getting on my nerves.. He always want me to give him update about where I go, when I'm eating, and so on.. We quarrel almost every time.. He plans settling with me but I'm afraid aunty. I'm afraid he might hurt me when I settle with him. He suspects me virtually all the time, when I'm around or far from him. I'm a 26 years old lady while he is 32.. I'm so down aunty..
Sometimes he makes me feel I'm doing the wrong thing.. When we met the second time he actually went through my phone contacts and messages, he wasn't happy with the things he saw, he went through my past messages and was using it to get at me, but I never went through his. The day I was with his phone I found out that all his messages both Facebook and WhatsApp were all deleted..
Seriously, I'm so confused right now. I tell him everything but since he went through my phone, he suspects me a lot, and gets angry at me unnecessarily.
When I want to quit he comes pleading, I'm sure he is seeing this.. I love him so much but I'm scared of settling with him... God bless

For him to wipe off all his messages suggests that his cupboard is not devoid of cockroaches which makes it more worrisome that he could cage you and expect that you don't react or be troubled.
In four months of knowing him, you sound like a lady who fell from a three-storey building and is gasping for air. This is a signal that you are not in a healthy relationship.
He doesn't trust in your personality, he doesn't believe what you say, he accuses you of anything his mind can manufacture, and he believes in suppressing your emotions.
Planning to settle down with you doesn't mean that you should throw caution to the wind because marriage will bring out more than what you're experiencing in your relationship.
I will suggest that you give him some space and evaluate what attracted you to him, what you love about him and what you want in the relationship, and decide whether to continue with the relationship or quit the relationship.
In all, remember that an unhealthy, and unhappy relationship cannot produce a happy and fulfilled marriage.

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  1. You are more or less a friend,I will simply advice you run (not walk)away from this impending hell of a relationship.Thanks.


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