Thursday, August 18, 2016

How Can One Prevent Herself from Miscarriage?

Good day to Aunty Amara, may GOD Almighty continue to bless you...
Ma, I got married three months ago and GOD has blessed me with the fruit of the womb...
My question is how can someone
prevent herself from having miscarriage, have never experienced it and I don't pray for such...
I just want to know, thank you ma.

You have never experienced it and you will NEVER experience it throughout your pregnancies in the mighty name of Jesus amen. 
Miscarriage is not a good experience that you should occupy your mind with, it is not of God to bless a woman with a baby and take the baby before his time, so don't you ever allow the devil to plant such a dark thought in your mind. 

One of the ways to avoid miscarriage is by conditioning your mind and heart never to think about miscarriage or feel that you will miscarry your baby. 
Thoughts are spirits and the become the a reality when you dwell on your thoughts. You are what you think and what you think manifests in your life. 

Secondly, never you confess miscarriage all through your pregnancy. Confess positivity, health, safety, joy and happiness to your baby. Pray for your baby, talk to your baby, and pamper your baby the way you wish to pamper him the moment you receive him in some months time.
Even when anyone tells you anything about miscarriage, reject it immediately and prophesy to your baby. 
You shall not cast your young and that is God's prophesy(word) for your baby and so shall it be for you in Jesus name Amen. 

Enrol for antenatal care in a government hospital or a health centres and make sure that you keep all your appointments. 
Some pregnant women ignore this important aspect of their pregnancy journey thinking that it doesn't matter. Some rely on the experiences of some relatives which is not sufficient to guide you through the pregnancy phase. 
Please enrol today and make sure that you heed to the counsel of your gynaecologists. 
Remember to enrol in the hospital where you wish to put to bed, and a hospital that have all the basic facilities that you need when you're due for delivery.

Remember that you are no longer as you used to be, you may experience some discomforts, hormonal changes and pains, they're part of the journey and your gynaecologist is your best companion throughout your pregnancy. 

You can still enjoy sexual intimacy with your husband, in fact you may have increased sexual desire during this phase of your life, however always make sure that your husband doesn't thrust as though he's hitting a hard rock, he needs to be gentle, and considerate, also avoid anything that will put pressure on your tummy and go for positions that is comfortable for you. 

You don't need to do all the jobs as you used to, your husband should support you, especially with jobs that you might need to bend down to do. You will need more time to rest and also do some simple exercise so that you can keep fit. 
Your gynaecologist will examine your body and suggest ways to take good care of yourself and your baby. 

Again, never you entertain the thoughts of miscarriage in your mind! 
You shall deliver in due time and to God's glory in Jesus name Amen.
Congratulations in advance.


  1. I love where Amy said never u feel ur heart with miscarriage.

  2. To add to what Mrs Amara has said,never you take any drug without you Gynaecologist's prescription. You can only take your routine drugs & maybe paracetamol if need be but be sure you don't have any liver problem before taking the paracetamol. God's grace.

  3. God Almighty has not given you the spirit of fear but of love power and sound mind(2Timothy 1 vs 7).Switch your fear to faith (God).Thanks.


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