Thursday, August 18, 2016

What Was Truly Going on in their Relationship?

What would make a married woman to secretly tell her ex-lover that her new child belonged to him? Is it that she didn't know the father of her child or is it pure hatred against her husband or was she trying to dupe the lover? Was this woman psychologically disturbed or crazy?

The husband having been tipped off eventually ran a DNA test on the innocent child and found out that the baby was his by 99.99% probability of paternity, but his promiscuous wife had sold off behind him by lying to her boyfriend or assuming the child's paternity to be his.
The couple ended up in a divorce Court. Was the husband wrong to go for a divorce? What was truly going on in this relationship?

Quite a lot that my head can imagine and unfortunately we can't really paint the exact pictures of what happened since we didn't hear from either or both of them.
But I feel that the lady may not be faithful to her husband, or she was in love with her ex but got married to her husband out of pressure or circumstances that only her can explain.
Again, there's a possibility that she pulled that stunt to get money from her ex or had a hidden plan to return to her ex in the nearest future.
Was the husband wrong to seek for divorce? Not at all, I feel that at that point, divorce was his best option since he couldn't trust her, or understand the motive behind her action and her alignment with her ex.
He must have thought it through before seeking for a divorce so that he can make it easier for her to reunite with her ex and have real children for him.
I don't think that she loved him enough, I also don't know if he trusted her enough in spite of the evidences before her. But that's the story for another day.

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  1. The man might even be killed because he was not loved,separation remains a better option.Thanks.


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