Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Husband is Slim to a Fault.

Aunty Amara good evening. Please help me out. My husband is so slim to a fault, I have given him 'Wait-on', yet he's not adding up.

He has potholes on his face, please I need your prescription to help me make him come full. God bless you ma.

Well, I was amused by the way and manner you described your slim and handsome husband. 
Didn't know that there are some men who have potholes on their faces until I read your mail. 
I would have suggested that you buy him a make-up kit but I'm afraid many will frown at it apparently.
The truth is that every individual have a unique skin type, and no matter what some do or eat to add up, they will always remain the same. 
Personally, I don't think that adding more flesh or weight is the same thing as being healthy as an individual. I feel that you should focus on him eating healthy meals, and not for him to add cholesterol to his system that may end up destroying his vital organs.
Although there is an option for plastic surgery, but I doubt whether both of you can afford such, and am also worried about the health implications of such a decision. 
If both of you can still kiss and enjoy your company as husband and wife, I feel that his potholes can be replaced by the depth of his affection for you.

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