Sunday, August 28, 2016

Should I Stand by Him or Move on with my Life?

Good day ma. Mummy I need your advise.
I met E*** late last year, he asked me out but before I accepted, I asked him where the relationship would lead us to and he boldly said MARRIAGE. We started, and I fell so deeply in love with him and he also loved me until May this year.

He told that there's a girl his mum wanted him to get married to, I became furious and asked him what he told his mum, and he told me nothing. I asked him why didn't he tell his mum about me, he replied nothing, I then became more furious and asked him of my stand in his life. He explained how tough the mum is, and how she did the same to his elder brother. I told my mum about the whole thing, and she advised I should leave him.
Two weeks ago I told E*** it was over between both of us and he said he can't leave me, he started telling me how much he loves me and need me to always pray for him to get a better job and for God's directions, and not to leave his side. I told him I can no longer do all that anymore, that I need a guy who will stand boldly and tell his people about me no matter the situation on ground, but he kept on pleading with me not to let go of him that he doesn't like the girl the mum got for him... Ma, am so confused, I don't know if I should go or stand by him at this point? Am scared of disappointment. Advise me ma, thanks.

One of the ways to avoid disappointments in a relationship is by avoiding mummy's boys or old men who acts like babies.
Babies don't make choices for themselves because they don't even know what is good for themselves or what they need, rather they depend on their mothers or parents or uncles or friends.
When a man is dating a lady and he finds it difficult to convince his family and friends of his reasons and purpose for choosing that particular lady amongst all other ladies in the whole universe, the truth is that such a man will accept any recommendations from others whether he's comfortable with her or not.
He's ashamed or afraid to tell his mother about you, and according to him, his mother is the only one who recommends the lady that her sons will marry.
My question then is, what exactly will his love achieve in your life and relationship? How will your standing by him change the fact that his mum has already selected a wife for him? And why should you waste your time standing by him?
If he's not convinced and certain about the relationship, it's wise to move on with your life than to allow one man to ruin your opportunity to meet your husband, and at the same time not be married to him after all the prayers, fasting and support.

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