Monday, August 1, 2016

Should I Follow the Prophesy or Ignore it and Marry the Lady?

Happy Sunday sister Amara, I am in state of confusion as I write to you, I don't know how to handle this situation. I am living abroad and I found this girl on Facebook last year, and we have dated for few months. Due to likeness and love I have for her, I decided to come down to Nigeria to meet her.

I really love the girl immediately I met her. I even took the girl to my house for my family to see her too, and everybody loves her. We love each other but as time goes on. My mother took her name to her spritual pastor in the church to confirm if she will be wife material.

After taking her name to her pastor, he told my mother that it's not going to work for both of us. When my mother told me about the news, I didn't accept it, because I love the girl so much.

I later decided to go to another pastor elsewhere to confirm by myself. To my greatest surprise, the pastor told me the same thing, and I met up to two different pastors. All of them said the same thing. I don't know how to break this news to this girl, and I really love her.

We have been in this relationship for ten months, and am about travelling back to where I base abroad. The three pastors said that if I marry her, in future I will be a polygamist. That I should leave her now, that she is not meant for me

The three pastor said her character in nearest future will make me to be a polygamist. 
Please help me, my heart is broken, I don't know how to console myself. Thank you Ma.

I don't know who to follow, should I follow the prophecy from the three different pastors or should I ignore it and marry the girl? Please I need your advice thanks.

Any man who doesn't have a genuine and a personal relationship with God have no business falling in love with any lady. I know that you may wonder why I said so. It's because marriage is not a ministry run by pastors, prophets and prayer contractors, rather it's a ministry run by man and his wife who are accountable to God for their actions, inaction, and decisions in their marriage. 
Any pastor that engages in selecting wives or condemning individuals is not working in your favour, and you may end up with regrets or getting married to the wrong partner.
So the first thing you must do is have a personal relationship with God so that you can seek the face of God for yourself concerning your choice of partner in life. You are the one who knows what you need, and the one who will decide whether you want the marriage to succeed or not. 
So do not allow anyone to push you into getting married to a wrong partner or tell tales that may have nothing to do with an individual. If you need counselling, seek the advice of counsellors, if you need prayers, seek the face of God, and hear from him before deciding on what's best for you. 
I'm not here to validate or condemn the prophesies but I must inform you that you are solely responsible for your decision when it comes to your choice of partner.
I would suggest that you seek the face of God, let his word guide your heart and go for what you are comfortable with. Go for a lady that your heart appreciates and a lady who shares the same convictions, values, vision and purpose with you. You know your areas of weakness and limitations, go for a lady who will support you and compliment you in your areas of weakness, and prepare yourself to invest in your marriage and make it work for both of you. 
Every married individual have the tendency to become polygamous, but some choose to tow towards that path while some decide to invest all their love on their wives and bring out the best in her. So I wonder how that is a prophesy or why you should spend so much seeking the opinions of men of God when you have not sought the face of God. 
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  1. U have to do the Prayers urself before u decide. God himself is available to answer and only him know the unseen and the Future,
    Infant many have profess rubbish and lead many astray


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