Saturday, August 6, 2016

Should I Make my Own Investment Without His Consent?

Hello ma, I have a question here. Can a woman make her own investment if she is not satisfied with what her husband is doing without the man's consent?

Let me explain more. My husband doesn't have much dream and it pains me, he really wants me to help him out financially but am not satisfied with what he's doing as an investment. Should I make my own investment without his consent?

I have told him before but he doesn't hear, any business I make with him, he will not pay me back or give me an account of how it was run but he will expect me to keep supporting him.

You have two sensitive issues here.
First, you don't believe in the leadership and vision of your husband, you don't trust in his business development and investment.
Secondly, you don't trust his judgement and as such don't see the need to be accountable to him or partner with him in his business.
These two areas of your marriage has the potential to destroy the very foundation that your marriage is established on.
Granted that you may have an upper hand in the financial fortunes of your marriage, you must thread with wisdom and understanding to avoid losing your marriage in your bid to build an empire for yourself.
I know that it's a difficult challenge but whatever you feel like doing, I will suggest that you consider informing your husband so that he won't use that against you sometime in the future.
You must not invest in his business especially when you can't tell what is the reward or the benefits or the outcome or the progress of such investments, but you must be very very careful not to come off as controlling or disrespecting or domineering or downgrading your husband because of your financial fortunes.
It's wiser to play down your financial capacity than to act in a manner that suggests that you have the money but don't wish to help your husband. Again, please try your best to resolve any misunderstanding or challenges that both of you are experiencing in the business. Ask for clarifications, demand for accountability, ask for the progress of the business, and what's happening to the funds. Do not pretend to be ignorant of what's happening, but demand for answers so that you can decide whether it's wise to consider supporting him or leave him to decide better ways to equip himself financially.

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