Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is it Wise for Couples to Have Separate Rooms?

Good day madam! I have this question that has been troubling my mind for a long time. I want you and your fans to help me out. Please is it really wise for a woman to
have her separate room, and her husband separate room under the same roof?

When couples stay in one room, they create a better romantic environment, strengthens their bond of love, touch, and affection, and create an atmosphere for effective communication and trust amongst each other.
Couples who sleep in one room have a higher probability of resolving their differences and misunderstandings, and a better atmosphere to study each other and support each other in difficult times.
Also, some couples may prefer to stay apart from each other so that they can maintain some level of privacy or should I say freedom to rediscover self and also have some time to meditate or do some things in their own unique way. Some individuals might have all the good reasons to stay in different rooms which in any case doesn't affect their marriage or communication with each other.
There are some circumstances or sensitive situations that demands that some couples stay in a different room. If an individual is married to a partner who snores in a very disturbing manner, the other person has little or no option but to consider sleeping elsewhere from his or her partner. In a situation where one partner has a very poor sleeping habit, perhaps he or she practices gymnastics while asleep, or when a mother is nursing her child, perhaps there may be a need for the husband to consider sleeping in another room.
However, the disadvantage of sleeping in a different room manifests when there's a challenge, misunderstanding or disagreement between the couples. Sometimes, some individuals use that as an opportunity to create a great vacuum between each other and then create some tension amongst the couples.
So the real question is not entirely whether it's good for couples to live in separate rooms but understanding the purpose behind such a decision and how such a decision will impact on the communication and the bonding in your marriage is what I feel is more important.
So maybe you should help me understand what made you feel worried about sleeping in separate rooms, because I can't necessarily deduce what could be the challenge from your mail.

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