Saturday, August 6, 2016

We Wish to Settle Down as Husband and Wife but No Finance.

Good morning ma, I have a problem I will like to share with you. I have a male friend, it's up to a year now we started dating and he engaged me last year. He wants to come and pay my bride price this year but the problem we have now is that two of us are unemployed.

We met during our NYSC in 2014, but we want to settle down as husband and wife but no finance yet. He's the only child and the father is late, the mother has a small shop, and my siblings won't help us financially because they said I should not marry the only child, but I know in future we will be great.
Please I need your advice on this, we love each other so much that we can't quit but all this problem now, am just confused. Thank you and God bless you.

Being unemployed is not actually the problem, having employable skills is actually the real challenge. So many individuals go around complaining that there's no job or that they're unemployed but many of them do not have any employable skills.
That an individual is a graduate or have certificates is quite different from having employable skills. If there's nothing your partner can do without submitting his CV and there's nothing you can do without submitting your CV, then there's no need for both of you to consider marriage because you will be tempting hunger and hardship.
Money doesn't answer those who don't have anything to offer in exchange for money. Even beggars offer some word of prayers for them to receive, so I will suggest that you and your partner should go back to the drawing board and examine your relationship with regards to equipping yourself to raise some money before seeking for support of anyone else.
If both of you cannot provide your daily bread, how do you hope to eat and fend for your children? Even if you are making one thousand naira every day, it's better than folding your arms and expecting that your siblings will foot the bills and make both of you couple.
There's nothing that you do today legitimately to earn money that is too poor or too low for anyone. We all know that we have few companies compared to human resources available, so anyone who hopes to achieve something great for himself will have to look at creating something unique or engage himself or herself in providing the daily needs of individuals, that way you can make some money and then save for your marriage.
So the real challenge is not that both of you don't have money or that your siblings are against you, but that both of you are not mentally and financially prepared for marriage.
Let's get that sorted out and I assure you that the whole world will support you to get married to your partner.

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