Friday, August 5, 2016

Pray that We Will Go Through this Trial and Overcome.

Dear sister in Christ..
I read your message in Facebook Official Page. I am R**, born-again Christian from Indonesia. I really need your support in prayer. I've been married for eight years with a good godly man, H***, a God’s servant and teacher in Christian Education.
We got married in October 2008, and I got miscarriage in 2009.
Started from that time until the present, we've been praying for a child in our family. Now as I’m turning 40 this December, frankly I feel very anxious to know that I am getting old, yet having no child of my own.
I have been trying many ways for doing baby program, but it didn’t work. I know it is not because God is not able to bless me, as nothing is impossible with Him. But, I know exactly that the case is me. I have a very dark past, living a sinful life with few men. I have given myself for repentance totally to God. I have opened up to my hubby.
Even though he loves me unconditionally, but I know it is really difficult to deal with the consequences for our relationship. Sometimes as we brought up the matter, we got arguments, and it really burdens me and I feel very guilty, blaming myself for that. I know this is the big obstacle in my marriage, and also the kids.
I have visited doctor last year. The diagnosis, my fallopian tube was blocked by hydrosalphing, a kind of toxin that it blocks fertilization. It makes it difficult to have baby in normal and natural way. He said, there is only one way to have kid, by IVF = in vitro fertilization. You must know the procedures, right? (** yes I do)
According to Doctor’s advice, my hubby insisted to do IVF even though I'm not feeling peaceful with his decision, cos I still believe miracle in Jesus name. Anyway, I should submit to him. I have scheduled to meet doctor for IVF process in September 13th. Start from 1st August, I have been fasting and praying earnestly for it. I pray that miracle will be coming immediately, that God will intervene so I shouldn’t do the process, but having baby without any human’s interventions. I also pray that God touches my hubby’s heart, so he will settle down and will not be stressful because of our circumstances.
I have God’s great blessing in my life even though I am very sinful woman. However, my life is all about living in miracle day by day. So, what supposed am I asking for, except for living in faith to GOD? I shouldn’t ask more from Him, as He already had shown His mercy by His forgiveness. This is another reason why I refuse to take any medical efforts to get what I want.
I only relay on Him, by His will. My hubby and me have a very difficult situation now as we have disagreement about this matter. Please pray for me, that we can go through this trial and overcome it according to His will.
Thank you. Jesus bless you

Because He lives, you shall carry your children by this time next year in Jesus name Amen.
My beautiful sister in Christ, I just want to tell you that I love you for believing in God even when things are not going as you planned it. It's only a woman who have sought for a child that will understand how painful, discouraging and challenging it is to trust God for your own children, and each day, watch time tick and you still believe God.
I believe that there's nothing beyond God's power and grace and the greatest of which is his power to forgive and heal. Thank God who in his infinite mercies gave us the privilege to come before him and plead for his mercies for our weaknesses and shortcomings as individuals. I know that you are free from every form of weaknesses, shortcomings, errors and mistakes of the past, courtesy of the blood of Jesus Christ.
When Jesus Christ was on earth in flesh and blood, he performed miracles using different forms and methods, for some he prophesied and it came to pass, for some he prayed and it was done, for some he blessed with his hands and it was multiplied, for some he used sand and water and instructed the person to wash his eyes, for some he asked him to rise up and the person became healed, and for some they approached him by faith and got their own miracles.
Why I am citing these examples is to help you understand that God can use any approach to perfect that which he has already promised to you.
It's God that gave medical doctors the knowledge and the skills that they need to help couples looking for the fruits of the womb achieve their heart desire. In Vitro Fertilisation is not man helping God to perform a miracle in the life of a lady, it's actually man destroying the powers of the enemy whose purpose is to frustrate couples from receiving their own babies.
When fallopian tube is blocked, it simply means that the sperm cannot get to your womb through normal sexual intercourse, so what the medical profession does is to help your husband by extracting this sperm, and then inject it inside your womb. That way, you will have greater chances of having your own baby in no distant future.
I don't feel that it's entirely wrong for you to give it a thought or better still try it out, knowing fully well that biologically you don't have all the time.
I will suggest that you pray for God to make the process successful so that you can have your own baby and enjoy the beauty of motherhood.
I know that it's not the best moments for you and your husband, but always remember that with God, pregnancy is possible, and with God you shall be a mother to nations.
This too shall end in praise and I am hopeful that I will receive great news about your pregnancy and child delivery in Jesus name Amen.

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