Monday, August 29, 2016

Three Major Ways Men Break up with a Lady.

One of men's weaknesses is knowing how to break up with a partner when they feel that it's no longer workable or feasible for them. Sometimes in their bid to avoid appearing as though they're talking from both sides of the mouth, they end up messing around with their partner or getting entangled into different love triangles
There are three major ways men indirectly discharge a lady who they're no longer interested in dating. 

1. Silent treatment. 
They minimise their communication between their partner and now have busy schedules, so much challenges or activities limiting them from reaching out to their partner. 
They start giving you excuses for not being able to call or communicate with you. Sometimes the excuses may range from being busy at work, being tired and sleepy, being hungry and unhappy, or being held in traffic and thinking about the economy (lol) 

2. Suspicion. 
This sometimes is the easiest way they dump a lady who have given her heart and all to him. She might have invested so much in the relationship that she's certainly convinced that he's the man she's willing to settle down with, and then he'll start suspecting her of dating an ant and sleeping with a dog. He will make sure that he monitors her, tortures her emotionally and ensure that she's not doing anything except responding to his questions and investigations. 
Most times ladies angrily leave the relationship thinking that he never trusted her, but the truth is that they were only looking for a way to dump the lady for the latest catch. 

3. Opinions of Others about the Relationship. 
This is the last option after every other options have failed. They will tell her how they love her so much but his mother told him not to marry from his own village except the neighbouring village. He will tell her how the prophet prophesied that she's not the one but another lady, or how he saw her in a dream fighting him and he decided to let her go when he woke up from the dream. 

Once a man starts sharing fairly tales with you, please don't border, he's found another lady. And it is advisable for you to bid him goodbye and trust God for your own partner. 

The essence of this article is to help you discern when things are no longer as they used to and to help you to either work on them or make the best decision for yourself. 
One of the most painful things about hanging out with the wrong partner is that you may end up wasting your time with him or scaring your husband away. So don't hang in there when you're not heading to any direction with him. 

Now that you know, don't be stingy, share with your friends.

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