Monday, August 29, 2016

He Requested to See my Nakedness.

Good day mummy, am very happy how your advice solve the issue I had with my fiancée(Read»» He Cancelled our Traditional Wedding ) , l will be more happy if this one will be solved too.
This is my seventh month in courtship, though we're supposed to have done our traditional marriage,
but due to the burial he had in his family, he postponed it till November. My worries now is that he requested to see my nakedness in full, that he doesn't like stretch marks and sagging breast. Though I don't have all those things but am afraid if I will stand him seeing me. What will I do?

Your fiancée exhibits attributes of an immature, childish and emotionally unprepared man whose main purpose of getting married is to have sex with a stretch-mark free lady, and a lady with a firm breast. 
Why am I worried you may ask, it's because child birth will most likely give you stretch marks, and suckling of your breast by both him and his children will definitely make you have a sagging breast, even if your pregnancy doesn't, which is not possible though. 
My question then is, what will he then do when your body begins to respond to the transformation during pregnancy and child birth? What will happen when your vagina is no longer as tight as it were? Will he still be there for you? Will he be faithful to you when the dynamics of your marriage takes its toll on you? 
I am yet to go to a shop where I will be permitted to open the shortbread biscuits before paying for it, and until then I will not encourage you to get naked before a man who hasn't paid your bride prize. 
Let him know that you will be delighted to not only get naked before him but will also satisfy his sexual urge in a manner that will leave him rejoicing and testifying as soon as he pays your dowry. 
Let him know that stretch marks is not a taboo nor is having a sagging breast a sin. Let him know that your body is your body and when he has paid your dowry, he will know what exactly is inside the package. 
Don't try to impress him by telling him that you don't have stretch marks because after observing your body, he may complain about your nipples or your buttocks. 
Simply let him know that after your traditional wedding, he has every right and liberty to behold you in the best way his mind can imagine. 
I really pray and hope that you don't end up with a man who doesn't understand what marriage entails to avoid so many praying, fasting, and unnecessary emotional pains and torture.


  1. What a baby in a man,why can't he naked himself before you?,please don't do it even if he's to call off the traditional wedding.

  2. Truth is, I am finding it difficult to put my feelings in words, a man who loves you would love everything that you are, not that he should love your weaknesses o buh den, he should spur you to be better. When it comes to physical appearance, love is beyond how you look, it's beyond your face, it's more than the shape of your body, your size and all that. It shouldn't be based on this, like she said child bearing would change your body..wetin him go do at that time.(I take it that U ve not had sex with him for him to make such a request)Itz either this guy is lost or he is looking for an excuse to take a walk. I know that you probably love him and all but make your stand clear..tell him U re nt comfortable with his theology nd if he no want....sweetheart, take a walk...U nid sumone who makes U feel like d Queen God has made U to be. Don't, DON'T settle for less. Don't give in cos U want to keep him, if he doesn't stay then, the right one will come. Just keep trusting God and U will be fine.Jer.29:11

  3. Some ppl don't really understand wat marriage is. Looking for a woman naked pix so dat he wil say she is a harlout. My dear run from such men. They don't love u they love ur body


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