Sunday, August 14, 2016

We're Getting Married Soon, but He Impregnated a Lady.

Aunty Amara good morning, God will continue to bless you ma. Am having challenges in my relationship.
Have been dating this guy for four years now, we are getting married this year October 8th 2016,
but now am somehow confused because he has impregnated a girl. 

He actually send me a text message because he is afraid of telling me with his mouth, but now he asked the girl to go and abort the pregnancy, that he has his own wife and if the girl is ready to keep the baby, no problem that he is definitely not going to marry her, that we should go on with the preparation of our wedding coming up in two months time, and he said that we should keep it as secret that he will not tell his parents and I should not tell my parents too.
Aunty Amara am really confused, I don't know what to do.

I will encourage you to sit down with your fiancĂ© and discuss about the decision of this lady. Please do not under any circumstances or condition support abortion because he knew that he had a wife before having sexual intercourse with another lady. 
Encourage him to keep his baby and you can then decide whether you can deal with a man who cheats, and a man with a child. 
Again, there's no way this should be kept as a secret because no pregnancy is a secret thing, there's a need for your family and his family to be involved so that they will also share their views on that, and avoid anything that may crop up as a result of the child or the pregnancy. 
Don't allow anyone to mortgage you into marriage with so many clauses and secrets because someday they will all be made open and it may be too late for you to make amends then.


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  2. If am in your shoes,no more wedding on this ground.The question is "was it the only & first time he met the lady that she became pregnant?,his unfaithfulness is bigger than what you are imagining.Thanks.


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