Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is the Way Out?

Good morning Aunty Amara. I bless God for using you to enrich souls. I have a challenge.
All the men asking for my hands in marriage always have the same genotype with me that is AS. I don't know how to handle this issue.
People always say that I reject men without knowing what I am passing through.
My parents were against it but now they don't know what to do again. This tenth guy came and after the blood test it came out both AS. It was dawn on me so I was moved to pray.
This tenth guy is bent on getting married to me. He said that we will be checking the genotype of our unborn child. He said that they do it outside the country. So I want to know how true is that and also need your counselling on this issue.
What is the way out. I need help. Thank you ma

If you have been privileged to live with a sickle cell patient or have watched a sickle cell patient go through what is called crisis, sincerely you won't need any other counselling or opinions to avoid anything that will increase your chances of giving birth to a sickle cell patient.
I know that you are worried and troubled because you meet men who have the same genotype with you, but I will encourage you not to allow your worries and concerns to push you into a lifetime of torture, pains, and worries.
The reason why I personally do not encourage anyone to take such a sensitive decision is because having a child who is a sickle cell patient will not only wipe off sleep from your eyes but you will realise that the love you have for your partner will not be enough to save your child from the pains of crisis.
What your partner is suggesting may sound good to your ears because you wish to settle down with him, but it maybe difficult to implement because you can only check the genotype of your child some weeks after conception, and in an event where the baby is an SS carrier, you will need to abort the baby which you know is not approved by the law, and you will be exposing yourself to cancer, and may damage your womb in the process.
The best way out is to be patient, go for a blood test in different hospitals so that if there's an error in one result, it will be corrected in the other result, and it can be used for correlation and comparison purposes.
You can only marry an AA genotype individual and no other genotype.


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  2. This advice is for me too
    Currently met the fifth guy also Genotype As.
    To me , is painful . so i decided to quit dating and take a Chill till furter notice.

  3. This advice is for me too
    Currently met the fifth guy also Genotype As.
    To me , is painful . so i decided to quit dating and take a Chill till furter notice.


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