Monday, August 15, 2016

Does He Want Love or Sex?

I'm a girl of 22 years, I met a guy about two weeks ago at my working place. After our long conversation we exchanged contacts. Ever since then he kept calling me on phone, morning, afternoon and night, expressing his love for me, how he loves me so much, how he will spend the rest of his life with me. Bla Bla Bla!

He invited me for a dinner which I went. After having dinner with him he asked me to spend a night with him at a hotel, but I bluntly refused. He asked 'why'. I told him that I can never sleep in a man's house who is not yet married to me. What he said that got me upset the most was that I should sleep over with him so that he can give me whatever I want the next day, I ignored him and left so aggressively.
After that day he kept calling me on phone but I bluntly ignored his calls, he sent a text message to me that he was only joking, that he wanted to know if I'm truly sincere and also wanted to know if I'm the type who can easily be pushed with money, I later forgave him.
I visited him where he was taking a beer in a beer parlour, he asked for sex, I refused and told him that I'm not ready to have sex with any man till marriage, he accepted that and said he's not going to ask me for sex again till I decide myself, that he wouldn't want anything to come between us. After that day I trusted this guy.
We've been in a relationship for two months now without sex, though he doesn't spend much on me. He took me out for a dinner yesterday, can you imagine this guy paid for a room in a hotel without my knowledge. When I asked him if the room he paid for is for us to lodge, he said no that he wanted us to have a private conversation in a hotel room just for some hours. I told him that where we are is much more comfortable for us to discuss whatever we want, and perhaps we have our own different table and chairs.
Please I want to know what this guy really want from me. Does he want sex or love? Cause he keep telling me how much he loves me, can he wait if he truly loves me?

From your mail, this man feels that you're a prostitute and he's only working towards looking for a perfect bait to lure you into having sex with him. 
His first plan was a dinner party, so that both of you can have dinner on his laps. That didn't work out as you proved to be stubborn to him. 
His instincts told him to withdraw his money so that you will be rendered helpless and will consider sleeping with him, that didn't work out and he covered it up as a joke. 
Next, he rented a room and invited you, asked for sex and seeing that your mind was in marriage, he decided to change the tactics to a private discussion in the room. 
Again your instincts won the battle and you were able to escape from his selfish plan. 
Maybe the next date, he may use alcohol or a sedative to lure you into his bed and rape you, then you will realise that he doesn't really wish to marry you bla, bla and bla, but that he wish to enjoy the flesh in-between your two legs. 
Again, you shouldn't venture into a relationship expecting a man to spend on you, it doesn't portray you as a responsible and disciplined lady, instead it reduces your value and make it seem as though you're dating his money and not his personality. 
All you need to note is whether his attitude reflects his confession and whether he has genuine plan for the relationship and for you. To say that he doesn't spend so much on you suggests that you're more interested in his pocket than you are in his personality. 
Funny enough, he doesn't even know if you are related to his grandfather, he doesn't even know if you worship in a white garment church, he doesn't know your inner struggles and how he will support you, he doesn't even know your temperament nor can he tell where you're heading to in life, and that's a clue that he's not necessarily interested in you but in your body. 
Please wake up while the water is still at your knees before you're carried away by the torrent of his deception and manipulation.


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)