Monday, August 15, 2016

Did I Overreact or Not?

Dear Amara, good morning, I just came in contact with your Facebook posts and am blessed already.
Am a lady of 28 years old, I met a guy who has been a blessing to me since I met him last year and all the journey has been okay until this year.
He was actually staying with his parents before and decided to get his place, the cost of accommodation in Lagos is high. So I promised to support him, for almost two years I was unemployed and when I started work last year, I saved N300,000 I promise to give him to furnish the house once he rent it.
The mum was going to mecca and funds were needed, we borrowed her and she refunded N150,000. I was surprised to hear, she told him to ignore the remaining N150,000, have been angry and bitter cos I felt cheated or should have be informed.
Now am really angry and resent him, I just want to know if am over reacting or not. Yes I gave him the money to help him for the house load and now half of it wasn't used for it.

You are not overreacting because both of you had a vision and a plan for the funds that you saved, so with such a decision from his mother, you will naturally feel cheated and unappreciated by your partner.
I will suggest that you talk with your partner and find out what's his thoughts and plans concerning that. It's possible that he also never expected that, and in his bid not to sound ungrateful or disrespectful decided to ignore her and work hard to earn money for the project.
When you are dealing with sensitive issues like money, please be kind enough not to put money above family or relatives because you may end up painting a poor image of yourself to them or give them a  mental picture of a lady who is full of herself.
Please be calm and patient with your partner, and observe how he will address this.

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  1. Even going for hajj isn't suppose to be on a loan basis. It for those that have the capacity n fund to go.anywy ur MIL can pray for. A blissful union for both of you I think that priceless


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