Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Could It Be That She's Stalking On Me?

Good morning madam. I have been a regular follower of your blog. Please there is something that has been bothering me, I want to get some views and advice from the board. My message will be short. I was chatting with a male friend of mine some weeks back. He sent me some pictures, eleven pictures to be precise. We are actually discussing some business.
The thing is that each time I open one of the pictures and start to
scroll through the eleven one after the other an additional pictures comes up. And that picture is that of my ex she sent to me once when we were together. I have asked the guy if he is the one that sent it he said no. And he is someone that can't lie to me in such matters. Also from the picture count displaying in my chat box with this my friend is showing just eleven pictures without that additional one.
I was confused because my ex blocked me ever since we separated. It was not easy for me when we parted because I talked to her in a harsh way though she insulted me, but I took the blame and apologized several times. I even called her mum, tried everything to meet her at least to explain myself but she said she has forgiven me so there is no need for me bothering myself. The last time I travelled to where she was living(around March this year, exactly one year after we separated)) I called her again but she was almost insulting me. After that I gave up on the whole thing.
Recently, the same girl just showed up in where am staying with my family relatives. The relatives knew about my issue with her in the past. In fact she was the one that called them that time just to paint a bad image of me by telling them all that happened. Since last week she has been with us but am just bit scared because I don't know her plan. From the first day she has kept a straight face and has been avoiding me. I mustered courage and walked up to her, asked about her well being and her family. She never asked about mine. I did that just to clear my mind because I believe it is childish to be keeping malice after such a long time. When I called her, I once pleaded with her even if we have to part let it not be like enemies because I believe in one thing in life '' we meet to part and part to meet again''. The thing is that after that day she has been behaving somehow.
I made up my mind that I will not go back begging her again about us coming together as I have done enough in the past, but she is just acting drama. We do worship together every morning and we are allowed to make comments but of recent her comments has been to spite me. She made it one day of people being selfish and not been able to control their anger and the man I was living with smiled because he knew where the girl was driving at. She was just referring to what happened between me and her that I was selfish and insensitive. I kept quite because everyone is allowed to make his or her comment but I just see it as an act of immaturity on her part.
After that day I just decided to give her more gap because she is still very angry and from the stories she told me of her past relationship and how it ended she is someone that is vindictive. I don't know what she has up her sleeve. From what I heard she came for business and decided to put up with my relatives but the thing is that she knew am staying with this people so why of all the places in this world she decided to come here. Finally on the picture issue could it be that she has been stalking me on Facebook because that is one thing that keeps coming to me mind. The tech guys in the forum can help me with that. Thanks.
I will also like to hear your own advice. At a time I was tempted to walk up to her again and beg but my sister has advised me against that considering the fact that I have done that several times in the past. Besides I am scared of her reaction because she can be insulting at times, I wouldn't want to have any of such confrontation with her.
Presently am not working, that is my major concern because when we parted I lost my job and since then I have not gotten any serious job. She has been gossiping about me with my cousin. That am lazy etc but I have learnt one thing in life. I have seen a lot and sometimes one has just to develop thick skin to insult by just ignoring some people. I thank God since she came I have not lost my cool. Have been able to control my emotion. After the day she made that comment I made up my mind that even if she comes and talk to my face I was just avoid that temptation of exchanging words with her. I have been thinking of travelling because I don't know how long she will be staying here but from the look of things she might stay a bit long. What would you advice me to do. Thanks

I think that your most important need now is to get a job and get busy living your life and doing what you love. 
I have no idea why you should invest so much energy and time to monitor a girl who by all standards doesn't respect you, appreciate you, support you and care about your emotions according to you. 
You are busy counting the pictures in your phone because you don't have books to read or other important things to do with your time, if you do, I doubt if you will have enough time to waste on WhatsApp.
Please stop being petty and move on with your life. She has made up her mind to move on, and I will suggest that you do same. No need begging her, no need looking at her busy face, no need to know why she chose your environment. Simply ignore everything about her and focus on establishing yourself. 
Don't invest your time listening to gossips, surprise your enemies by achieving great success and they will definitely come around to appreciate you. 
Even if she slaps you, please cover your face and move on with your life. Relationship didn't work out, so don't force it or feel intimidated by her presence. You can do better than that and I hope that you will get something that will keep you busy very soon. 

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