Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Depression is Killing Me Slowly.

Good evening ma, may God continue to renew your strength. Please how do I overcome the depression that is killing me slowly.
I got fired from work this July despise my efforts, I feel cheated
and used although my hubby has been supportive. I have prayed fasted. Please I just need some words of encouragement ma.

You feel depressed because you feel that without that job, God cannot open other channels of wealth for you. You feel depressed because you held so much to your job, you gave your all, you trusted that the company will reward you but you woke up to realise that they never cared about your efforts. 
You held unto your job as your only hope but now that it's stripped off you, it seems as though there's limited hope and as a result you feel drained, crushed, empty and devastated. 
You feel that you are going to be a burden to your husband and you feel that there is nothing else for you to do that will generate wealth. 
Truth is that all these are false fears from your limited information and exposure. You feel this way because you don't know the personality of the Almighty.
When God tested Abraham's faith, he gave him a ram, when God tested Hannah's faith, he gave her Samuel, when God tested the faith of the Israelites, he sent manna for them, when God tested Daniel's faith, he made him a prime minister. 
Circumstances of life is only but a test of our faith, our convictions, our vision, and our purpose in life, and every test of faith comes with a reward and a promotion. 
It may seem as though God is far away from you, but the truth is that the God who gave you that job has the capacity to give you a better job even in a harsh economy. 
Don't limit God by your thoughts, don't limit yourself by comparing yourself with your former company or colleagues, don't look at your past with regrets but with gratitude. 
You can open your own company and be your own boss, you can use the talents and skills God has blessed you with to create wealth, and this cannot be the end of the road for you. 
Cheer up, be courageous, you have a brighter future, you have a flourishing tomorrow, the tales of yesterday is already history, the testimonies of tomorrow is already on your way. 
Praise God, worship him and appreciate him in everything. Remember that all things are working for your good. 
Soak your heart with the word of God and not with the news about the economy and the political parties. 
Inspirational books, sermon, and music will definitely snap your mind out of negative thoughts. 
Get involved with charity services, you don't need to go far, you can do that in your church.
What are your skills, abilities, hobbies and passion in life? Now is the best time to explore them and think of ways to convert them into wealth.
If there are any skills you have already, please explore it and think of ways to maximise it to your benefit. 
Is there any challenge that you can provide solutions to? That's an excellent avenue to create wealth.
This phase of your life will not last forever so don't lose hope, but try again and again. You shall smile again, and I believe that God will promote you to a higher level of wealth creation and control, if only you will learn to look unto him and allow him to perfect that which he has already promised to you and your family.

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