Tuesday, September 6, 2016

He's Crying To Be With My Baby.

Hello Ma'am.. I'm F***. I live in UK with my ten months old baby. I just separated from my husband last week on Thursday. I read a lot of your post regarding domestic violence.
I'm married to my husband in 2010 and since then I'm suffering from abuse. Mental and physical abuse. I reported to police many times but no charge on him.
He drinks alcohol, smoke weed and
gamble. He works in a good company and he get paid £1500 per month. He pays all the bill but he doesn't save any money and end up borrowing money from friends. He doesn't listen to me at all.
When I was heavily pregnant he beat me up. After baby was born, he beat me up and I reported to police but no change on his behavior.
On Aug 31, I reported to him to police because he was drunk and was saying he want to slit my throat. I also reported to police that he had beaten me up three months back and they took my statement and put the case in the court. On 30 September the court will sentence him and he was released on bail that he cannot contact me and our son.
Now he is crying and saying he loves his son. But when he was with us he was shouting on the baby because the baby was again and again used to touching the big Television which he didn't like as he was scared baby might break the TV( 55inches).
Now he is crying to be with my baby and thinking I'm responsible for this. I don't know what to do. I told his aunt that he should leave drinking, smoking weed and gambling. He has to show that he is a good father.
Could you please advise me what should I do?? Thank you Ma'am. God bless you

Good thing is that you have separated from him to give room for counselling and rehabilitation. 
A man who drinks, smokes weed and gamble will most likely be suffering from depression, low self esteem and may have a violent tendencies, and it's not healthy and safe for you and your baby. 
The greatest gift he can give to you is not just paying all the bills but protecting your life and creating a good atmosphere for your baby. 
Where that is not possible and your efforts aren't yielding good results, you need to run out of that house to avoid colossal damage to your life. 
If he comes for reconciliation, please suggest that both of you go for counselling so that he will be examined, and place him on a therapy that will help him overcome his inner struggles. 
As regarding his desire to be with your baby, I will suggest that he respects the court injunctions pending when judgement has been delivered on the matter.

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  1. ThankGod u did not encourage her to divorce..


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