Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How Will He Foot The Wedding Bills?

Good day ma,
It's like you were talking to me, I have a suitor but the issue is that he earns less than N100000 per month, am worried how he will foot the wedding bills and how he will handle the home front. Am not lazy, also I own a petty restaurant business and I love him.

If you are the reason God lead me to write that article (don't be in hurry to summarize man), I will gladly return all praises to him. 
I am very certain that you are not a novice to the economic woes and realities around the globe and in Nigeria in particular. 
Anyone who is earning above N50,000 now is really rich because millions of experienced and qualified graduates are at home hoping for any job. Some died as a result of the job loss, some committed suicide while some are striving to make a living with anything they can lay their hands on. 
I have to be honest with you, you don't need a flamboyant wedding to be recognized as a married lady. What both of you need now is to cut down on all your expenses and conduct a modest wedding that both of you can afford. 
Here is my suggestion, let your fiancĂ© come with few of his relatives, nothing more than ten individuals, summarize all the traditional wedding requirements and pay the dowry on that day. 
On a Sunday morning, you and your husband can go to the altar in the company of your few friends and exchange your marital vows. You're already married with or without any reception. 
Or you and your husband can choose any other day apart from Sunday and exchange your marriage vows. 
There is no need for all the wastage and the flamboyance, especially when you have so much to deal with after wedding. 
Save that money for your children, your feeding, your utilities because spending so much money has no relevance to your marriage. It only give bloggers news to entertain the world and gossipers stories to tell. 
There are so many anniversaries and celebrations both of you will celebrate in future, so don't put unnecessary pressure on you, especially when you know that you have limited funds to work with.

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