Tuesday, September 6, 2016

He Threatened To Shutdown My Business.

Good morning madam. I thank God for using you to restore happiness in homes. Please, I urgently need an advice on how to tackle this issue.
I am married with four kids. I have caught my husband cheating on me severally and he will beg for forgiveness and I will forget. I have really suffered in his hands in terms of domestic violence. I have been enduring and praying that he changes but still things are getting worse.

He likes picking quarrel with me but I have been avoiding him in all ramifications. I have decided to avoid having any argument with him for the sake of my life and this has reduced the way he batters me.
Recently, he is now calling me a prostitute for no reason at all. God knows I have been faithful to him right from the day I met him up till now. I can vow for that. He keeps calling me a prostitute and I have told him to call his people and my family so that I can take an oat in their presence if any man apart from him has ever touched me or even slept with me, or he should take me to anywhere of his choice so that I can vow to prove that I am innocent.
He said I should tell my people that he won't tell them. I told him to personally tell my people because I don't want him to deny that he didn't call me a prostitute. My people are even tired of his lifestyle, and I don't want to bother them about this, hoping that he will call them by himself. Up till now, he hasn't done that.
He stopped giving me money for family upkeep and told me to meet my boyfriends for money. I am doing well in my small business but he is threatening to come to my shop next week and close it down since he started the business for me five years ago. I am thinking of reporting him to his brothers in Jehovah's witness since he is a member but I am afraid because he warned me never to take any family issues to the elders, unless I have decided to leave the marriage.
What should I do? Should I save enough money before next week and go with my kids? Please I am really losing my mind.

I will suggest that you return back to your family with your children and inform your family of all the threats and abuse that you are suffering in his hands. Your family will then also inform his family, and they will be the one to schedule for a reconciliation meeting with your husband. 
Reporting him to his church will definitely crush his esteem but whether that will yield the desired result is what I can't guarantee. 
Under no circumstances should you swear to an oath or to anything, the only oath that you can swear to is your good conscience and sincerity of heart. If he who has been sleeping around couldn't take an oath, why should you subject yourself to the authorities of the devil? 
No matter your excuses, living with an abusive partner is a threat to your life and an unnecessary risk and stress for yourself. There is no excuse that is justifiable because you are indirectly exposing your children to the hardship of life should you allow your husband to achieve his purpose in your life.
Now that he's looking for an avenue to cripple your life and suppress you by calling you prostitute, shutting down your business, and withholding money from you, you need to involve his family and your family so that you can protect your business, and the interest of your children.

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