Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ladies, Don't Be in a Hurry To Summarize A Man.

Whenever I read the mail of a single lady who is trusting God for her own husband, I truly feel her pains, and sometimes I wish I could direct James, Kenneth or Victor to her just so that she will enjoy the beauty of companionship and marriage, but it's not within my capacity to do so. 
However some ladies are to be blamed for some of their decisions in their relationship. Some have an expectation that is way beyond what is realistic and honest, while some have allowed the movies, soap operas and romantic books to deceive them into expecting a fairytale husband for her life. 
When a humble man approaches you, you reject him because he doesn't have broad chest.
When a short man expresses his intentions to you, you embarrass him because he's not tall. When a man of vision meets with you, you make mockery of him amongst your friends, when a man who is striving for excellence meets you, you abuse him because he's not rich, and when a man who genuinely desire to marry you meets with you, you give excuses with your family. Sometimes you're busy having sex with irresponsible boys that you won't even recognise your husband when he meets with you.
You are busy weighing and sizing men, but you can't mould a stone by yourself. You have made him feel inferior and discouraged by all you told him just because he's earning N20,000. You sit down with your friends and gossip about a man who is working hard to achieve something for himself, while you're busy waiting for the Yankee man in UK or US to drive in with the latest model of Toyota Land Cruiser and propose marriage to you so that you can have a heaven on earth wedding ceremony. 
The honest reality is that if you continue with such a lifestyle, you will definitely end up with your parents. Some of these great families you wish to marry their son didn't start up great. Some of these affluent men were made by their hardworking wives, some started with nothing but worked together and today they own houses in the chicest of places all around the world. 
Some women stooped so low that they were mocked for getting married to a man who had 'nothing' but a room and a bed, today their story is no longer the same. 
Why am I writing this you may ask? It's simply because no condition under the sun is permanent. And no circumstances of life will last forever. Don't be too quick to summarise the journey of a man you don't know what the future has in store for him. Don't always make a conclusion when you can't tell of his future. 
I won't encourage you to go for who you're not comfortable with, but please prepare your heart and humble yourself so that you can build a relationship that will bless your life in the future. 
Gone are the days when we had so many already-made men who will drive into the village and marry one of the village girl, and then travel back to the city. 
These days even village girls are in the city huzzling for their own husband, so you need to open your heart and look beyond what you see so that you discern who you are dealing with and how both of you can succeed together. 
Praying and fasting is not enough, you need to exercise your faith by giving responsible men the opportunity to date you and find out the content of your heart. 
Please do not scare men away simply because they didn't meet up with your standard, it won't be a crime if you help him to attain to the standard that you desire for your husband. 
As you trust God for your own husband, please prepare your heart for marriage, make yourself accessible, approachable, and trustworthy, and maybe we will be rejoicing with you in no distant future. 

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