Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is It Wrong to Compliment My Partner On a Social Media?

Good morning my, may God bless you as you continue helping people out. Ma, I have a challenge in my relationship. There is this girl I love and want to settle down with. Two days ago she
uploaded a picture on Facebook and I commented on the picture "my love you are looking good", she now picked offence that she doesn't like my Facebook love of a thing. Meanwhile I have been using her picture as my display picture on WhatsApp, but she never complained so I was very angry with her. And that lead to a misunderstanding between us.
Please ma I want to know if it is wrong make such comment on a woman I love, and want to spent the rest of my life with. Thanks ma

Though not everyone is comfortable with public display of affection for all the good reasons best known to them, but there's entirely nothing wrong with complimenting your partner online.
However, if she reacted in such a manner that both of you had a misunderstanding because of your comment, I am a bit worried whether she's entirely interested and committed to the relationship.
If she's entirely in love with you, why then is she so much angry with your comment on her picture? If she's really happy with the relationship, how come she's more concerned about her friends or circle than she is about you? Even if she's not entirely cut out for social media affection, why is she so worried about the comment than what both of you share?
Though this may look harmless but I feel that you should meet with her and find if both of you are on the same page in the relationship.
You need to understand her real concern or convictions about the relationship or why she feels that you shouldn't comment on her pictures in a way you feel like.
It's in your best interest and it's safer for you, to avoid investing your emotions in a lady who is in love with another man or a lady who is dating you out of pity.


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