Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don't Want To Believe That He's Cheating On Me.

Good evening ma, please ma I need your sincere advice. Sometime ago, I noticed my husband chats with ladies on Facebook. It's either he admires them, compliment them and he once sent his picture to a particular lady, he alone knows his reasons. Sometimes he deletes the messages before I see them, sometimes I see them before he deletes.

On one occasion, I confronted him and asked him why he deletes the messages and his response was because he respects me and wouldn't want me to feel bad and he doesn't have anything with them. I ended the conversation and stopped going through his phone.
On Sunday, he told me he doesn't know why he don't have peace in the home. Aunty I wept because I know I've been going extra miles just to make him comfortable, meanwhile we're still trying to conceive after the death of our baby .
Just this afternoon, I was using his phone for some things and I saw his chat with a lady. The lady said I miss you, and he replied I quote " send me my baby's neat body and the lady said she's a bit busy and she'll send it later".
A call came in and I gave him his phone, just within few seconds he deleted the messages without knowing I'd already seen it. Aunty I'm broken
I don't want to believe my husband is cheating on me. Please what is the best approach to this.

The plain truth is that he's cheating on you and he's not worried about his lifestyle which is why he doesn't feel at peace with you and your sacrifices in your marriage. 
When a man deletes his messages, demands for 'neat body' of a strange lady who is not married to him, he's already cheating on you and even if you pretend not to care, it doesn't change anything that's happening in your marriage. 
Please sit him down with all the details of his 'baby' and ask him with all respect and courtesy what is going on between both of them.
Let him tell you why he delights in the nakedness of another lady than his own wife. Why he has chosen to humiliate you by investing his emotions and devotion on another lady. 
You may not get any cogent answer to your question but let him know that you are broken, terrified and worried about his attitude towards you especially knowing what both of are going through in your marriage. 
If he's kind enough to apologise, then you may consider forgiving him and working with him and perhaps protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections. 
One of pains of infidelity is that it exposes you to strange infections and strange spirits which shouldn't be part of your family. 
Please do not relent in praying for him and in supporting him in your own little way. Please don't let this shatter your hope in conceiving for a child, but let this drive you closer to God and renew your strength and faith in him. 
It may not be so palatable now but it only reminds us that we're not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and influence that is beyond his personal understanding. 
With prayers, wisdom and personal support, you will definitely triumph over the spirit of infidelity in your marriage.

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