Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I've Suffered In His Hands.

Hello mum I need you advice. I was separated from my husband for months now and the family contributed a lot to our separation with another woman involved who he shared a child with. The family have seen me as not capable of staying with the son but we've been together for nine years. 

It hasn't been easy for me because my husband listens to the family and he can even insult me in front of the family as the family is insulting me. I went to a different town and he followed me with my children and he's supporting us. Though he's trying, we become a family again but I don't believe in distance relationships and also am not sure if he's a better man. I can't go back to the town he stays because it's next to where the family stays and I know they won't give me peace. 
I would like my children to with their father. He said he cannot take a transfer to where we stay because the company doesn't exist where we live with the children. I have suffered a lot in his hands with a lot of cheating until he gave birth with a woman outside our marriage and numerous cheating. 
Kindly advice

I will suggest that both of you should agree on relocating to an environment that is both conducive for you and your children and close enough to his company. 
Living with some in-laws can be challenging and unhealthy to the marriage because you have to impress your in-laws and your husband which is a difficult task. 
From his attitude towards you and your children, it's obvious that he still have some regards for you perhaps as a result of his children. 
Please try your best to protect yourself from contracting sexually transmitted infections and diseases as a result of his generosity to women. 
I will encourage you not to give up praying for him and for your marriage. Maybe someday he will repent and be faithful to you.

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