Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Do I Handle This Girl?

Good evening ma, please I need your advice on this, my husband cheated once on me. Just the other day, his ex who had a baby for him called and said that she wants them back. Though my hubby blocked her number after the call, but my problem is that am struggling to build trust again in marriage,
because before his cheating on me, I was so proud of him, I can vouch for him and I even show those who say that all men are cheats by boasting with my husband.
The issue now is that where we live, there is this teenage girl that is trying to seduce my husband. The other day, my husband said when he was entering the compound, she purposely shifted her bum short down to expose her white pant which her mother scolded her for when she also noticed it. Then today I came outside to drop something when my husband was going out and noticed that she was busy bending her bumbum towards the narrow path my husband wanted to pass. Then when my husband was coming back, she didn't know I have gone to join him so it was the two of us coming, I was in front then he was behind me singing loudly. When this girl heard my husband's voice, she came out stark naked just using their curtain to cover her boobs, she was so shocked when she saw me, she then ran back immediately. Please how do I handle this girl. Thanks

When you feed your baby to his satisfaction, he won't have appetite to eat outside. Though some may feel otherwise, your main challenge is not handling the girl but handling your husband in such a manner that other ladies will irritate him and make him ignore anything outside his marriage. 
So tell me, how is your bedroom like? What's your lovemaking like? How often do you meet your husband's sexual needs? How close are you to him? What's your communication like? Do you have misunderstanding more often with him? Do you keep malice against him? Or are you busy fighting his past? 
You need to get closer to your husband, understand his needs and challenges, meet his needs and support him to overcome his challenges. 
Everyone has a past, unfortunately your husband's own has a scar with it. Even if he blocks the lady from reaching out to him, he must communicate with her for the sake of his child, and you need to make provision to accommodate him and his child. 
You also need to work towards bringing his child home so that you can have a better control over the ex especially now that her intentions is to get hold of your husband. 
As for the little girl, she's too insignificant for you to reduce yourself to her pedigree and I feel that you should simply ignore her. The only thing that will give her an edge over you is when your husband finds comfort in her blossom and then sleeps with her. 
Confronting her or talking to her mother is to obviously expose your distrust about your husband and to pass a subtle message that suggests that your husband is promiscuous and will definitely sleep with the lady. 
Rebuilding the walls of a broken trust is one of the most difficult task to do all alone, that is why you need the help of the Holy spirit to help you grow to love and trust God for his faithfulness and commitment to your marriage. 
It may not be immediate but it is possible with patience, wisdom, understanding and mutual communication with each other. 

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  1. Nice one ma,for your own good woman, better ignore the girl that has been giving your husband green lightening,confronting her will send out a bad signal that you are incompetent in your wifey duties.
    Trade wisely .my 2 cents.


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