Thursday, September 29, 2016

He Chats With Other Women On Social Media.

Good morning aunty Amara, God bless you for the good works you are doing in people's lives. I write to you with a heavy heart, I got married early this year, my husband is good and caring
man, he takes care of me, but the problem I have with him is his chat with other women on social media.
I think he is cheating on me but I have not caught him, it breaks my heart and I am pregnant. I know he will be reading this post. I need your motherly advice. Thanks and God bless you.

Since your good and caring husband is also reading this message, let me talk to him first. 

Please permit me to congratulate you for choosing your beautiful, sleek and elegant bride as your wife and companion for the rest of your life. It's a huge decision and I thank God that he gave you the grace and wisdom to commit to her in marriage. 
The Bible says that he who finds a wife has found a good thing and that he obtains favour from God. 
So you can see that your commitment to your wife comes with a covenant promise of God's favour. Where you have struggled in the past, now you will soar with ease. Where you suffered alone, now you have someone to support you. When the weather is so cold, you now have someone that will make you feel warmth and loved, and when you feel like sucking, you now have the beautiful fountain of your wife's breast to enjoy your night with. 
So permit me to congratulate you once again, and I pray that God will bless your marriage in Jesus name Amen. 

By the virtue of your decision to remain faithful to your wife, to love and to cherish her, to care and protect her, to support and appreciate her, and to grow in love with her for the rest of your life, you have given up your right to do whatever you feel like (please I'm not commanding you, I'm only telling you God's purpose for marriage). Before now, you had the freedom to chat with anyone and do as you feel, but now whatever you do, whatever decision you takes no matter how harmless have an effect on the state of health, happiness and peace of your beautiful wife. You are now accountable to your wife on what you do with your time, body, and resources in your possession.
It has a spiritual, emotional, mental and psychological consequences in your marriage. If your wife weeps as a result of your decision and actions, you will find it difficult to receive God's favour for your marriage. 
If you know that your actions hurt your wife even if it's harmless, please consider her emotions and refrain from such actions. I know that you may not be sleeping with these wonderful friend but now is the best time to focus on your wife and lay all your affection on your wife. 
Cheating doesn't begin when you have sex with another lady. Rather cheating is anything that you do that takes your time, affection and devotion to another person or thing instead of your wife.
There is nothing that breaks a woman's heart than seeing her own husband give attention to another lady. It hurts so deeply and that is why you need to make amends in your life so that your wife will be able to carry her duties without emotional struggles. 
Please help your wife to love you more by quitting the unnecessary chatting and engagements. It maybe harmless today but the devil can exploit such options when you have a misunderstanding with your wife. 
She's carrying your seed and now is the best time to show her that the glamour of your wedding wasn't a show but that you are willing to give up anything that will make both of you not to succeed in your marriage. 
Please do not make your wife feel as though you appreciate other women more than you appreciate her presence in your life. Please return to your wife and amend your ways in your marriage. 
It is possible for you to be faithful to your wife and I am soliciting that you consider devoting everything to make your marriage work. 

Thank God who has blessed you amongst women and have given you a man you can talk to, share your thoughts with and grow in love with. 
I want you to realise that the way you feel, the things you do and the things you think about affect your health and your pregnancy. 
If it is possible please limit the way you check his phone and focus more in understanding his personality. Though it's not healthy for a married man to devote his time chatting with single women and perhaps giving them the impression that they're more important than his wife but it doesn't actually mean that every lady he's chatting with is his sex partner. 
I know that you are already worried and disturbed by his attitude but getting worried about it won't solve the problem. 
I suggest that you surrender your marriage, your husband, your home to God and allow him to fix your husband and your home. 
Pray for your husband and pray with him, whenever you notice something that you are not comfortable with his conversation please talk to him and let him know how you feel about it. I hope and pray that God will give your husband a listening heart to support you and work with you in all his endeavours.

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