Thursday, September 29, 2016

Should I Continue With Him?

Good evening, thanks so much for all your wonderful advises.
I am a lady in my mid 20s, I met a young man two years ago and we started dating February this year. At the beginning of the relationship he told me that he would like to spend the rest of his life with me and I believed and everything was going fine until when he told me that he has plans of travelling to UK for his masters
, and I was in support of his decision and I encouraged him when there were little problems with the visa.
To cut everything short when he got there he refused to give me his contact, and every time I asked him for it, he kept saying that he has not gotten a sim card and then he will later ask what I want to use the number for. 
Just a week after he got there, he called to tell me that he was no longer interested in the relationship but he still wants me as a friend. We didn't have any issue at all, so I asked him what went wrong and he said he does not have future plans for me, and that he doesn't want to waste my time and he wants to concentrate on what took him there which is his studies. 
After two days he called to tell me that he cannot do without me, and that he wants me back but I told him that I cannot go back to him just because he feels sorry for me. 
Please I would need your advice on what to do. Thanks

If he could put up all these drama just because he is now in UK for masters, not even a job or a residence permit, then I wonder what he will do when he's exposed to riches. 
Truth is that a touch of money has a very high negative influential power in his life and if you wish to continue with him, please be ready for anything. 
His attitude towards you reveals that he doesn't even appreciate you as much as you do and he feels that your class and pedigree is too poor to relate with a man who has been to UK, guess he feels like he's in heaven already.. Lol 
Well, I don't know what to tell you to do but his attitude is already in your face. I mean you need to give him reasons why you should demand for his number, I mean a man that you met two years ago and have dated for almost seven months now. You now need to give reasons for chatting, calling, texting and asking about his wellbeing. Of course you know that you can't ask him so much questions because you're not in UK like him. 
So decide for yourself whether you can endure his personality and whether you can wait for him. If in all honesty you can't endure his drama, and you can't wait for him, kindly move on with your life and wish him all the best in his studies.

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