Monday, September 26, 2016

He Makes Mockery of My Academic Qualification.

Good day sister Amara, thank you for all you have been doing, may the good Lord bless you and your family  amen.
Nine years ago I met a young man who was almost through with his university then, so we started a relationship but I wasn't a graduate of which he knew.
We were in love with each other, I could not further my education because my parents where not so rich, in fact we live by faith.

So I had to learn how to make all types of hairstyle, after which I travelled out of Nigeria. One year later my guy joined me in abroad with my help and the help of his mother, so when he came, things were  not moving fine so I held unto God to bless us so we can get married.
In 2013, he bought a land in Nigeria, he  made me get pregnant for him that  same  year saying he can't wait to see our baby, he called my family that he wants to pay my bride prize. My family refused saying I should build a house for them first because we are all female children, the only first son is not trying at all, in fact I'm the only one taking care of my mum and dad, and I'm not the first born.
To cut the long story short, I had my baby in 2014, a baby boy, now my baby father is very rich now, he doesn't even talk about our marriage again, but he said this year when he visits Nigeria and that he will do the white wedding here. This man takes care of my baby and I very well, he helped my sister travel abroad last year but anytime we have any misunderstanding, he always mock me about my education level.
I'm alone in this, please mother advice me as your own. Lest I forget, I have been saving money on my own to start the house for my parents next month thank you all.

I am so proud of you as a person and proud of your resilience to succeed in life. Your story is both motivating and encouraging and I must congratulate you for believing in yourself even when things weren't working in your favour. 
Nobody was born literate, life taught us all that we know and boast of today. So don't panic or get discouraged because of your academic shortcomings. 
You can start up something on your own and attain any height that you desire for yourself in academics. 
You can buy a tablet or a laptop and download some simple videos or applications where you can learn how to read, write, spell and pronounce words. 
Then also make enquiries to know what it takes to enrol yourself into a school so that you can study while you work towards getting married to your partner. 
If you have a complete high school results popularly known as WAEC or NECO, it will greatly help you to advance in your academic journey.
I will suggest that you refrain from having another child until he has paid your bride prize so that you can minimise your responsibilities if he changes his mind. 
In addition to supporting your family by building a house for them, also consider building your life and enhancing your education so that you can maximise the opportunities around you.

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