Monday, September 26, 2016

Should There be Transparency in a Relationship?

Good morning Aunty Amara. May God almighty continue to bless and strengthen you in all areas of your life.
I read your post today about partner not allowing other to go through chats/messages. My question is, Is it  inclusive in a 'relationship' ?

Because I don't allow my girlfriend to go through my phone, but she always want me to go through hers.

Should partners be faithful to each other in their relationship? Yes. 
Should partners build their relationship on trust and sincerity? Yes 
Should partners be honest and transparent to each other? Yes. 
If the answer to these questions be yes, then it is also healthy and helpful for you to do everything within your capacity to be open and honest to your partner. 
Many times we have men who confess their undying love, make unending promises and do everything within their capacity to impress a lady of their intentions, but in their WhatsApp, Facebook and other social accounts, they're also busy toasting other babes and also sleeping with them. 
There are some ladies who infected their partner with sexually transmitted infections because they receiving from boyfriend A and sharing with boyfriend B. Boyfriend A is mugu 1 while boyfriend B is the husband material.
My question to you is, if your partner is hiding her phone from you, won't you automatically suspect something fishy in her attitude towards you?  
To build a relationship that will stand the test of time, both the men and the ladies must learn to be transparent, honest, and genuine to each other. 
That way, you won't cheat on your partner, or deceive your partner or lie to your partner to impress him or her. 
So if you hope to build trust in your relationship, please don't treat your phone as more important than your partner. If you don't have anything to hide in your phone, why give give rules to your partner, especially when you can't take such from your partner? 
Your partner may not see through your heart but he/she will feel your love through your attitude to things around you.

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