Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lied About My Age To Him.

Good morning ma, please am writing from one of my friends FB account, she ask me to discus it with that you will give me the solution and I surely believe that you will do that. 
I met this guy on December last year, but it was just casual. I never knew that he have intention of marrying me,
but I lied to him that am 32 years, but he told me he was 33 years. 
As time went  he proposed me but the relationship has gone far, but honestly ma I never had in mind or dreamt that he will come to me. 
Yesterday he called me that he wants to come and see my people, then I called to tell him that am 33 not 32, he was so much upset. For now I don't know his mind but all these while he's been telling me that he's 33 till yesterday evening he showed me his birthday that shows that he's my age mate. 
Ma, please what will I do?

You took a good step by revealing your true age to him, you will need to give him some time to decide whether he's cool with you and your age or not. 
On your own part it seems as though you're not necessarily into him but just hanging on to whatever comes up. Maybe you should take some responsibility for your decision and give your heart to your relationship. 
Find out who he is, what he represents and the virtues that you admire in him. Now that he has declared his intentions, you need to give your attention to him and prepare for your marriage, that is if he's comfortable with your age and personality.

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