Friday, September 16, 2016

How Do I Overcome Loneliness?

Good evening ma. I hope you doing fine. Ma I really need you and your fans' advice.
Am 20 years, am a student of uniben, am in my year two. My problems is that am tired of my loneliness. I lost my phone during this holiday and I could not retrieve my number,
and most of my friends don't have my new number.
Nobody calls me, and another issue is that my boyfriend is not helping at all, am the one doing the calling. All am trying to say is that am tired of loneliness. I have been at home for this holidays am always at home, nowhere to go and no friends calling.
Please ma, how can I go away from this loneliness?

This is not the best time to invest your life and time making friends and looking for who will be your friend, but this is the time to develop yourself, to add virtues to your life, and skills that you can commercialise in the future. 
Don't just stay at home and waste this precious opportunity but talk to your parents and plead that they enroll you for some vocational training that you are comfortable with.
You can learn catering, baking, fashion designing, bead making, sowing, interior decoration or any other skills that you have passion for. 
This is also a time to read and enrich your life with great books and inspirational books, relationship books, spiritual books or an entertaining novels. 
Depending on your course of study and your career path, this is also a great opportunity for you to enrol for internship in your area of specialisation. Whether they pay or not, you will definitely gain something that will guide you in your profession.
There is no other way to overcome loneliness except by being productive and by preparing yourself for the journey ahead. 
When you are busy enriching your life and adding value to your life, friends will automatically locate you and men will definitely identify with you. 
Please do not waste your holidays but maximise it so that you will make great impact in your career or marriage in the nearest future.

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