Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Just Want to Have Her Back.

Hello, I used to have a girlfriend that as always been there for me, we dated for over three years. I took her for granted, abused her, and did a lot of things ...
To be honest, deep down in my heart I really loved her, we eventually broke up this year and like the saying goes you never know the value of something until you lose it ...

I honestly want her back and really want to make a lot of things right .. I just don't know how to get her back, the more I try to talk to her the more she gets pissed cos of all I did to her ... I know I have been a mess but please don't judge me ...
I feel remorse for all I have done, I just want to have her back.... I really want to be with her once again ... I'll do anything humanly possible to show her I'm a changed man and want her back in my life
It would make me the happiest man on earth if you could help talk to her or something...
I'm really in love with her.

You see, it's always good to appreciate what you have and cherish every moment you share with your partner, because they create an impression and beautiful memories in her mind for the rest of her journey. 
But when you fill her life with bitter memories, painful and miserable moments, we can only do what is humanly possible but we can't impose anything on her. 
I only hope that if God gives you another privilege to share your heart with her, that you won't take her for granted or abuse her emotionally and psychologically. 
Please if you know within your heart that you are not willing to let go of your pride and ego, and humble yourself and build your relationship with her, do not make me a part of this reconciliation committee. 
I will do my part but please be willing to accept whatever decision she takes on your relationship. 
I hope that you will learn from this and make amends in your area of weakness.
Please encourage her to write to my inbox so that I can have a word or two with her. 


  1. This could be my ex,the man I adored,loved and literally worshiped...Did everything I can for it to work...But it never did...I even said a No to my child hood love who was better in everything,and I mean everything because I don't double date and we have come a long way (4+)...That action I still regret even as I type this...And then,i eventually left him...And he keeps begging up till this minute,because he lost something indeed...Just like I lost my first love...God's grace upon us all...Amen.

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