Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm Worried About My Sagged Breast.

Good morning ma.
Ma I need your candid advice. I lived a terrible life in the past, and now I have stopped and decided to settle down but am scared of one  thing.
I have sagged breast and can't sleep
braless especially when am with my fiancé, though we haven't see each other naked because I told him no sex till after wedding.
But I want to buy one breast firm cream but am scared of cancer. What should I do ma?
Thank you and keep up your good works.

Which is safer for you? Your health or your sagged breast? Why do you place all your values as a woman in your breast or is your breast the only value and virtue in your life?
Truth is that every firm breast will sag one day, either as a result of too much sucking by the babies and the men alike, or the too much caressing and romance of the breast, or as a result of pregnancy and gravity.
In as much as it feels great to have a firm breast, I will encourage you not to get any chemical products that may expose your body to cancer, because with cancer you won't have a sagged breast but you will live the rest of your life with either one breast or no breast at all.
It's best to be you and be accepted with your imperfections than to work so hard to make yourself perfect at the detriment of your health and happiness.
Please I will also encourage you not to sleep with bra because it is not healthy for your breast. Your body needs fresh air and sleeping with a bra will not make your breast firm but it will inhibit aeration of your beautiful breast.
Once your nipples are there, men will always suck whether firm or flat, so don't worry yourself about your breast.

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  1. You are very correct when you say as long as there is nipples there men will always suck whether firm or flat. As a matter of fact as much as we don't applaud ourselves of our mistakes in the past, but you can also bring in the things you have learnt when you were there and give you husband the best of romance and sex when you eventually get married and am so sure that as long as he keeps getting the best from you with all your experiences, he wouldn't worry much about the saggness of the breast


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