Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is It Advisable To Marry A Single Mum?

Good day ma, I am so much inspired by you the way you handle issues of the heart. Am 29 years old, am in a relationship with a lady 26 years by age. She has all I want in a woman, loving, caring and God fearing, but she is a single mother. 

She has a daughter out of wedlock while she was in her secondary school days. The father of the child is late. Ma, please I need you to advise me as if am your son. Is it ideal for me to marry her? 
Honestly she can make a happy home and at the same time be a good mother to my kids. Thanks ma

Thank you for giving me the privilege to talk to you as your mother. 
We all have a story to tell of our journey, of the little beginnings, the giant strides that made us who we are today, the mistakes that limited us, and the wisdom that have made others to admire our personality. 
We were exposed to life as a novice and for the fact that we are alive with our lessons is an evidence of God's grace and mercies at work in us. 
Your partner is just an ordinary lady who made her own shares of life decisions and mistakes, and her daughter is an evidence that though she might have slipped, she didn't surrender to defeat by aborting her precious daughter. 
Judging her as a result of her daughter is like condemning her when God haven't condemned her. 
I want you to look at her as a lady who is different from her daughter, because even when you marry your wife and she gives birth to your children, her personality to you doesn't change. Looking at this lady, does she have all the qualities that you are looking for in your wife? Does she have the character, the virtues and the maturity that you need in your wife? Are you at peace with her personality and does she respect and appreciate you as her leader and companion in her life?
An honest answer to these questions will help you decide whether to marry her or not. 
If you see your wife in her, you will not struggle with accepting her child as your own, or have any issues with living with her and her daughter. 
Because your happiness and fulfilment in life supersedes the perception of others, please be careful not to allow anyone make you feel that you are doing something wrong by getting married to a single mother, because in the end, you are the only one who knows what you need and understands the value of her presence in your life.
My question to you is, if you have found the qualities of your wife in her, will her daughter be the reason for you to leave her for another lady?

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