Monday, September 19, 2016

My Boss Raped Me.

I was raped today. It's really heartbreaking for me. I got a job at Nnewi in a renowned law firm. My friend who introduced me to my boss told him I would need an accomodation cos coming from Onitsha everyday will drain me financially and it's too risky. The man said he would give me an accommodation. 

I was skeptical at first but I learnt that a previous employee of his resided there. He ask me to come and check out the room today. I was surprised to see a bed and a TV in the room. The next thing I knew was in a matter of seconds, the man pinned me to the wall, put his hand into my private part. I struggled, I held his hand, I tried to scream. I did scream. Before I knew what was happening, he forced himself on me after which he said I should just dress up, clean up and meet him downstairs. 
I had to just return his file to him and I told him he will never see me again. Only for me to tell my friend I quit cos the man harassed me, she said I didn't handle it well, that I should have used wisdom.
Did I do anything wrong?

I don't really know what to tell you because your question sounds a bit annoying and childish too. 
You mean that your boss raped you and all you could ask me is whether you did something wrong? 
Shouldn't you think of reporting him to the police and get him arrested? 
Don't you know that you need to do HIV test and a pregnancy test just to be sure that you are safe?
How do you hope to work with a man who relates to you as a sex object or toy, and won't get burnt with time? 
Well, you know better than I do, but you didn't do anything wrong by forfeiting the cursed job and the cursed man.

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