Monday, September 19, 2016

Ways To Strengthen A Long Distance Relationship.

Good morning ma, please can you enlighten me on the best solutions to a distance relationship. I am in Dubai and my fiancé in Nigeria, and she is complaining everyday being far from each other.

We are looking forward for our wedding next year, thank you ma.

Long distance relationships comes with its own pressures and fears, especially when there are some fears or some pressures from third parties.

What are these fears that a lady may experience in a long distance relationship? 

Is he faithful? 
No lady wish to share her partner with another lady or feel as though she's a second best for him. So she's constantly worried about her position in his life.

Will he get married to her? 
For the fact that she's dating you doesn't mean that she's not getting advances from other men who are constantly pressing her to accept their proposals, and her family will also be expecting that she will bring a man home as her husband.

As the Clock Ticks, So Does Her Fears. 
Age to men means little or nothing, but age to ladies means so many things. If a lady has been in a relationship with a man that she so much loves, marriage becomes an inevitable expectation for her. So wishing her happy birthday with promises will definitely put her under her toes and give her many reasons to panic and worry.

Understanding the fears of your partner and being able to address them is the best way to strengthen a long distance relationship.

How do we tackle her fears and worries? 

  • Communicate with her and be as open as possible. You can use every means of communication to reach out her and spend quality time communicating with her.

  • Be consistent with your words and be truthful in all your endeavours. 

  • Share your vision with her and make her part of your vision in your journey. 

  • She's a human being, so always assure her of your commitment and trust in her personality. 

  • Get interested in her life and show concern to her emotional struggles, know when she's menstruating, when her hormones are raging, and what her struggles are, and support her in your own little way.

  • Occasionally probe into her heart to know what she's worried about and always learn to communicate in her love language. 

  • No matter how long you spend chatting or talking with your partner, it cannot replace the power of touch. She will occasionally feel awkward because she craves for some touch especially if her language of love is touch. Be as creative as possible to let her know that you understand and care about her needs, and perhaps she'll always look forward to hearing from you. 

Thankfully, next year is not far from today so please don't forget to plan with her and let her know in plain words that she's the only one that rocks your world.

Just a suggestion, please make provision to take her with you wherever you stay. You will appreciate her much more.

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