Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Husband Almost Killed Me.

Met my husband 2006 at my house, he came to see my mum who is a herbal doctor. My mum told him she has a daughter who is very intelligent but couldn't afford training her in school because she doesn't have the resources. My scholarship from shell company in my secondary school was seized by my father and was abandoned by my father. He asked to meet with me, he promised to assist but on the condition that I will be dating him secretly.

Can still remember the first time I slept with him, I bled. In 2007, my mum hawked garri to enrol me for my SSCE, made the best result in my centre. My family friend (husband) bought me Uniben form, I got admission to study accounting 2007/2008 session, that was the beginning of trouble in my life.
He has a lot of girlfriends, I cook for him, wash and iron his clothes, even polish his shoes, he monitors me, want to know what I was doing per time, doesn't allow me talk to guys, looks for every opportunity to humiliate me, and his girlfriends were calling me smallie.
In 2008, he got disappointed by a girl he wanted to marry, and in 2009, he asked for my hand in marriage, I agreed hoping he was going to change, stop beating me, and saying he picked me from the gutter. Few days to our wedding he beat me up, but I still went ahead with the wedding, things got worse after then.
Cheats on me, call girls in my presence, call me am opportunist, chase me with bottle, beat me with moping stick, lock me out. I have slept in car park and inside car four times. He hardly touch or even sleep with me, he sleeps in the visitors room, call me barren woman in public.
After some time I insisted for sperm analysis, only to find out he has the problem (low sperm count 1%). He started threatening me that if I leave, I will run mad and he will make me useless.
Miraculously, after a lot of prayer and fasting, I became pregnant, he beat me during my pregnancy, always looking for excuse to beat me. Whenever I complain of him not touching me, I get beating, my daughter is one year and nine months now.
To cut the long story short, yesterday he almost killed me, broke one of my fingers dislocated my leg, he was jumping on me like a bag of rice and while on the ground he was booting me, and hitting me with a mop stick. My hands were bleeding seriously, and I was screaming for help. He called my mother and was telling her he is about killing her daughter, and that he has already broken one of my legs, he was telling my mom on phone that am an abandoned child, and has nobody to defend me and he can do anything he wants with me, that he picked me from the gutter
Ma am finding it difficult to walk, I need help
I studied accounting and also a fashion designer
Have been trying to save money from my little design jobs but not reasonable
Please ma, this is the first am having the courage in years to tell my story

Please I am pleading in the name of God and in the name of your daughter to please help yourself by running out of this death trap that you have subjected yourself in. 
There is no other help that you will get until you help yourself first. 
Nobody will come into your marriage and intervene on your behalf until you take the bold step out of the abusive marriage. 
I have nothing else to say if not to plead that you leave now that you are breathing. 
You can run to the police station and make an official report with the welfare department, you can run to the church and seek for a temporary shelter, or you can run to a relative, family or friend who can protect you from him until he has been arrested. 
The law doesn't permit physical abuse in marriage, so please don't die and leave your daughter to suffer for life. 

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